Satanic marches planned in U.S. cities this weekend

Left Now Calls For Statues of JESUS, Churches To Be Destroyed

NOT a hoax: Chinese Communist Party warns Christians to renounce Jesus or starve to death

Anti-Christian domestic terrorists now targeting churches with vandalism, arson

Emiratos Árabes exigen la Catedral de Córdoba para los musulmanes: los cristianos «no lo merecen»

Another church vandalized as mainstream media ignores growing anti-Christian attacks

“Orwellian” Beijing now persecuting Christians – report

Owning a Bible could be a ‘hate crime’ under proposed Scotland law on ‘inflammatory material’

“Hail Satan”: After terrorizing churches, BLM witchcraft exposed

BLM founders steeped in witchcraft, satanism

Vandal beheads statue of Jesus in El Paso Cathedral for ‘wrong skin color’

‘Spiritual wickedness’: Podcaster warns Christians about BLM’s practice of conjuring up spirits of the dead

Jesús era un asesino según el PCCH

Demon-possessed woman goes insane on airplane, screaming obscenities while climbing over seats

Orthodox Jewish and Catholic organizations sue New York over new restrictions on number of congregants allowed in places of worship

Governor of New York now attacking religious freedom of Jews … anti-Semitism is alive and well in NY

Un entendimiento nuevo de la persecución religiosa.

La extrema izquierda celebra la quema y el saqueo de dos iglesias en el aniversario de las protestas en Chile

La brutal represión comunista sobre el clero de la antigua Checoslovaquia

New Canadian bill would criminalize Christian teaching on sexuality

Thousands of witches plotting to cast ‘binding spell’ on Donald Trump on Halloween so he loses to Biden on election day

El socio de Joselito en el bono de Diosdado Cabello es un ‘gurú’ que da charlas esotéricas sobre la Cábala

What If Jesus Had Been Born In The American Police State?

Family doctor suspended after sharing Christian beliefs online

The coming ‘woke’ American Theocracy

Anne Dyer, 63, Anglican bishop of Aberdeen and Orkney, at centre of bullying row that threatens schism in the church

The Capitol Riot Wasn’t A Coup. It Wasn’t Even Close

Cult: Government is now the new religion?

Religious Books Seized and Burned in Communist China, Believers Given Jail Terms

Supreme Court lifts California worship bans prompted by coronavirus

High school senior faces disciplinary hearing for opting out of LGBTQ program

La Nueva Derecha es todo acerca de la izquierda

ABC News endorses Satanism, says twerking with the devil is “beautiful and inspiring”

Yahoo News issues public endorsement for Satanism

Praying to God could be made a crime, lawmakers threatened with legal action

Jordan Peterson on The Necessity of Virtue

Women Want Your Soul – MGTOW

Makow — The Riddle of «Anti-Semitism»

World’s First Lesbian Bishop Calls for Church to Remove Crosses, to Install Muslim Prayer Space

North Carolina Parents Protest Elementary School’s ‘After School Satan Club’

University of Michigan-Flint student government leaders partner with Satanic temple to defend baby murder





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British leftist group claims Amazon “doesn’t discriminate enough” against Christians

Satanic temple in Texas files lawsuit demanding “religious right” to sacrifice babies through abortion

Why the State Won’t Tolerate Independence for Christianity

EXCLUSIVE: Cigna’s critical race theory training: Don’t say ‘brown bag lunch’ and be mindful of ‘religious privilege’

Target sells woke prayer book: “Dear God, please help me to hate White people.”

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‘Satan works in mysterious ways’: Newscast on Australian TV interrupted by devil-worshipping ceremony (VIDEO)

Grotesque hypocrisy: Kamala Harris supports murdering babies in the womb, demands everyone be vaccinated because Bible says so

Satanists admit that legalized abortion is how they perform ritual child sacrifices at the Satanic Temple

NY Governor appoints herself god’s messenger, says unvaccinated Christians ‘aren’t listening to God’

Lying Netflix CEO: We don’t allow ‘hate’ (But they do, against Christians)

Princess Märtha Louise’s shaman boyfriend claims he is a ‘hybrid of a space lizard’; later deletes postärtha-louise-s-shaman-boyfriend-claims-he-is-a-hybrid-of-a-space-lizard-later-deletes-post/ar-AAPn2G8

Archbishop Vigano: “The vaccine victims are sacrificed at the altar of Moloch.” We are in a war of good vs evil, the deep state and deep church conspire against humanity

VIDEO: Libs now think ‘demon’ is a gender, make up pronouns for it

TRUE FAITH: Canadian pastor Artur Pawlowski refuses to obey fascist Canada’s gag order, says he’s “prepared to go to prison”

Blogger & girlfriend given 10 months in Russian prison after snapping photo simulating oral sex outside iconic Moscow cathedral

Archbishop of Canterbury apologizes for comparing climate change to holocaust

SACRIFICES TO MOLOCH: Biden targets 28 million children with satanic covid jab scheme

LifeSite president Steve Jalsevac warns ‘diabolical’ COVID agenda wants to ‘destroy Christian civilization’

PICS | ‘The blood of Jesus will not save you from Covid’ – Cape Town church’s bold pro-vaccine message

Los progres están obsesionados con el sexo: Hacen gay a Papa Noel

California schools teaching WITCHCRAFT to force critical race theory and BLM indoctrination on students

National Education Association board member says unvaccinated with religious exemptions “should die or be shot”

VACCINE FANTASIES: Fauci claims Santa Claus already received Covid vaccine booster shot

Salvation Army Says Christianity is Racist

Chicago Lutheran church hosts ‘drag queen prayer hour’ for children (VIDEO)

Dr. Stella Immanuel: The Beast has been revealed at UN headquarters

Christianity being OUTLAWED in Canada: Pastors will be imprisoned while the government promotes LGBT pedophilia and exploitation of children

25 Federal Agencies Tracking Employees With Religious Exemption Requests

United Church of Christ Pastor Celebrates Her Abortion: I’ve “Never Felt More Loved by God”

Las brujas de RasPutín

Un centenar de brujas rusas organiza una ceremonia para apoyar con «hechizos» a Putin

We are in the midst of a Spiritual Warfare……the Gates of Hell are Wide Open, they unleashed their Demonic Freaks on us and they want our kids

Satanists claim they’re entitled to abortion as a religious rite

El Vaticano promueve la vacunación contra el covid con monedas conmemorativas

Roe decision brings us incredible CLARITY on the LUCIFERIANS running the abortion child sacrifice cult

Eleven people appear in court charged with taking part in ‘child sex abuse ring involving witchcraft, Ouija boards to summon spirits and demons and the killing of animals’

Biden’s coronavirus adviser says the reason why God created humans with two arms is to receive a flu shot in one and a covid jab in the other

The Pope Is Hiding Something Ancient From The Public

Ex-Witch Warns Witchcraft Expanding, Says Hollywood ‘Releasing Spells Over the Viewers’

The doctrine of inerrancy: Science as a cult

Satanic Temple files lawsuit against Idaho over abortion ban, claiming it prevents members from practicing “abortion ritual”

Are The Unholy Books Hijacking History?

Pope Francis’ American cardinals are pro-LGBT revolutionaries with a radical agenda for the Church

The church of Satan

Charlie Ward and the Mafia || Is he a Racist?


Woke Religion: A Taxonomy

Taxonomy Of Woke Religion

Disney’s new Christmas series depicts children holding up signs that say, “We Love You Satan”

ELYON – «The Commander of The Elohim» This Information is Key! Paul Wallis & Mauro Biglino!

Pope Francis declares ‘Jesus is Satan’, vows to usher in ‘One World Religion’

Satanic Temple to Open the ‘World’s First Religious Abortion Clinic’ Offering ‘Abortion Rituals’

‘Satanic’ pro-abortion statue honoring late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg being erected to pro-life Texas