Edad de Hielo (2)

Edad de Hielo (2)

Pues parece ser que sí. Parece ser que sí que nos encaminamos a una pequeña edad de hielo. Y eso son buenas noticias para los que les gusta ir a la nieve a divertirse o para los fabricantes de ropa de invierno. Porque el siglo XXI va a ser un siglo muy frío. Especialmente para los izquierdistas. En todos los sentidos.

1. The fake news media has begun banning content that questions the global warming hoax… because DEBATE cannot be tolerated by the arrogant Left
2. Sunspot Observatory closed due to security issue
3. The next Grand Solar Minimum, Cosmic Rays and Earth Changes (an introduction)
4. Impact of the ~ 2400 yr solar cycle on climate and human societies
5. “Mini Ice Age is here to stay,” says astrophysicist
6. Global COOLING Causes Extreme Weather – NO DENYING IT!
7. Global warming pushers demand media CENSOR all opposing views, claiming they are “too right to debate”
8. Left-wing news sites say weather control is impossible, then they claim Trump is generating hurricanes
9. Ice age now
10. Magnetic Reversal
11. The REAL Reason For Solar Observatory Shutdown?..
12. The Reason The Solar Observatory Was Closed Is Revealed, And It’s As Disturbing As It Is Unbelievable
13. Koudste 23 september ooit gemeten Coldest September 23, ever
14. What’s up in space
15. The Chill of Solar Minimum
16. Earthquake
17. Record snowfall wallops Calgary in 1st storm of season
18. It could snow up to 30 cm in areas around Calgary by tomorrow
19. The dawning of modern minima by the year 2035/40
20. TSI forecast to 2030
21. Across the Arctic, lakes are leaking dangerous greenhouse gases
22. Frost damage dashes farmers’ hopes of record harvest, as Perth shivers through chilly night
23. Temperatures plunge up to 10 degrees below average across Australia’s south
24. Western australia: crops punished by two devastating frosts in a matter of days
25. Ice Age Ahead
26. F10.7CM flux trends. a new era?
27. UAH Global Temperature Update for September, 2018: +0.14 deg. C
28. Зимняя сказка: в Канаде небывалый снегопад в октябре
29. Ранний снег погубил тысячу гектаров зерна в Забайкалье
30. Australia – Frost and hay wipes four million tonne of grain
31. Long-term climate forecast for 2010-2028
32. Climate Change, Sunspot Activity & Lunar/Cosmic Cycles Resource Page
33. Sun spot and solar cycle forecast
34. Relative strength of Sunspo Activity (including prediction for 2088 onwards)
35. Cosmic cycles bring floods and droughts to eastern Australia
36. Antarctic sea ice graph
37. The Air Tide Cycle
38. Butterfly Diagram
39. Winter Forecast Snowfall
40. Record early snowfall in Kansas City
41. Denver – Record low temps two days in a row
42. Summer Snow Falling In Montana, Idaho And Wyoming
43. Winter Warning New Mexico and Nevada
44. Cold Texas
45. Temperature maps Ryan Maue
46. Hail storm kills 400 kangaroos and 150 goats on properties in far-west New South Wales
47. Antarctic storms force ‘longest delays in decades’ for scientists
48. Scott Base watches sun rise over Antarctica
49. Daily snow extent
50. Scientists capture a weird noise coming from Antarctic ice shelf
51. Bizarre Cosmic Rays Are Shooting Out of Antarctica and Physicists Can’t Explain It
52. Characteristics of Four Upward-Pointing Cosmic-Ray-like Events Observed with ANITA
53. Snow Plagues Canadian Farmers In The Heat Of Harvest
54. Snow forecasts end of October Europe I
55. Snow forecasts end of October Europe II
56. Hailstorm in Rome with floods
57. Shocking moment FREAK hailstorm FLOODS Rome and TRAPS residents –VIDEO
58. La nieve obliga al uso de cadenas en Galicia, Asturias y Castilla y León
59. Asturias solicita el apoyo de la UME para hacer frente a las consecuencias de la fuerte nevada
60. Nine provinces of Iran inundated by floods
61. First heavy rainfall of the season, deadly flash floods hit Jordan’s Zarqa-Maeen Valley
62. Qatar – Flash Floods After Year’s Worth of Rain in One Day
63. UK weather: When and where snow and sub-zero conditions will FREEZE Britain mapped
64. Weather forecast: When and where snow will freeze UK this week Britain mapped
65. El temporal no da tregua: carreteras cortadas, puertos cerrados y pueblos sin luz
66. Un «devastador» temporal deja más de 20 muertos y provoca un escenario «apocalíptico» en Italia
67. Cold Times: How to Prepare for the Mini Ice Age by Dr Anita Bailey
68. Troubling gas discovery: Potentially thousand times higher power than CO₂
69. Giraffes and Elephants in snow
70. The Effects of the Bray Climate and Solar Cycle
71. A Luni-Solar Connection to Weather and Climate I: Centennial Times Scales
72. Remember when climate crusaders told us coral atolls would be the first to go with sea level rise? Never mind.
73. UAH Arctic Temperature Profile
74. Current Surface Mass Budget of the Greenland Ice Sheet
75. Global Markets: Grains – Chinese Stocks Swell on Production Revisions
76. Wheat Outlook
77. Shelf cloud Croatia
78. 130+cm of snow has fallen here and winter hasn’t even begun
79. Siberian temps plunge to -40°C
80. Trace of snow in Houston shatters almost 40-year record
81. Cold San Antonio ‘shatters’ 102-year-old record
82. New York City shatters 112-year-old snowfall record
83. Blizzard warnings in effect in New York City
84. Las lluvias dejan sin clases a 136.281 alumnos de Valencia y Alicante y cierra el Puerto de Gandía
85. Olas gigantes en Tenerife obligan a desalojar un edificio
86. NASA warns long cold winter could hit space in months bringing record low temperatures
87. It’s Hail-des’ Day! Melbourne is lashed with hail, heavy rain and lightning just hours before Oaks Day Race
88. In Jordan’s Ancient Petra, Sirens Warn of Flash Floods
89. Close to year’s worth of rain inundates Kuwait City with severe flooding
90. Meanwhile purple flowers and green grass blanket desert in Saudi Arabia
91. ‘Thundersnow’, dust storms and gale force winds: What is going on with Australia’s weather?
92. Today is Toronto’s coldest Nov. 22 ever
93. Novem-brrrrr! Chilly weather smashes records
94. Rare ‘yellow snow’ blankets north-west China due to freezing temperatures and sandstorms
95. Chinese city of mohe issues its first ever “red warning” for cold
96. China’s inflation hits six-month high — driven by surge in food prices due to extreme weather
97. El «Hijo del Krakatoa» desata un tsunami con 373 muertos en Indonesia
98. Study: Solar Cycle To Cause A ‘Mini Ice Age’ As Early As 2020
99. Martin Armstrong On The Coming Mini Ice-Age
100. Causes of the Ice Age and Nova, the Greatest Secret of the United States

Y mientras tanto, la secta del cambio climático sigue con su enajenación mental.

La secta del calentamiento global creado por el hombre
1. Bombshell: Environmental activism groups operating in the USA may actually be front groups run by communist China
2. Climate Scientist Dr. Sarah Myhre on the Peril and Possibilities Ahead: ‘We Need Leadership That Is Not Old and White and Male’
3. El calentamiento global también nos dejará sin cerveza
4. Cientos de manifestantes contra el cambio climático cortan cinco puentes en Londres
5. Global Warming: Another Doomsday Climate Model Flunks A Math Test
6. Math error: scientists admit ‘mistakes’ led to alarming results in major global warming study
7. ACTUAL SCIENTIST: «Climate Change is a Scam!»
8. Paris protests are about rising gas taxes but the dishonest American media won’t tell you why: “Climate change”
9. Humanity is revolting against globalist plot to alter the atmosphere in the name of fighting “climate change”
10. Los esquimales protestan por el aumento de osos polares y los científicos «racistas»
11. Manifestantes franceses enfurecidos por los impuestos del clima y el aumento del costo de vida
12. The Riots in France Are NOT Just About Taxes
13. Ten years ago, Al Gore warned the North Polar Ice cap would be gone by the year 2013… hint: It’s still there
14. Children just aren’t going to know what snow is
15. Para los intervencionistas del clima, los nuevos impuestos son solo el comienzo
16. Another Jon Entine? Climate change “expert” arrested for brutally beating, choking fiance and dragging her by hair across apartment

Si las estelas químicas no son para un inexistente calentamiento global que ni existe ni nosotros ni nuestros hijos lo van a ver, ¿no será para intentar (vanamente) evitar la pequeña edad de hielo que se nos avecina? Ahora ya nadie se puede dedicar a negar la evidencia de la existencia de estelas químicas. Sobre todo, porque las tenemos cubriendo el cielo día sí, día no. Siempre que esté despejado, claro. Si mirarías al cielo de vez en cuando, acabarías viendo uno de esos días en los que el cielo esta totalmente rayado por las estelas. Y si son recientes, verás como se deshacen poco a poco creando unas nubes que sólo son creadas por ellas. Y eso te será útil para que una vez que las sepas distinguir, saber si ese día nos han rociado con estelas, sólo por la formas de las nubes del cielo nublado.

Incluso en Bilbao las tenemos a menudo. El domingo del primer fin de semana de septiembre fue algo impactante. O quizás fue el segundo. Uno que hizo sol y el cielo estaba despejado. Todo el cielo rayado desde primera hora de la tarde. Y si viajas de Bilbao hacia otros sitios y el cielo está despejado, verás como las estelas «cubren» varias provincias. Si viajas hacia el sur puedes ver como se extienden por Álava, La Rioja, Burgos y Valladolid. Por ejemplo: 2 octubre Vizcaya, Álava y La Rioja. 10 diciembre: Vizcaya, Álava y Burgos. No sólo las capitales, sino toda la provincia. Sí. Incluso lo hacen de noche. El 21 de diciembe, viernes a la noche, hubo luna llena. Pues bien, si mirabas a la luna a última hora de la ncohe, podías ver dos estelas que pasaban por delante de ella. Casi paralelas. Dirección monte Artxanda a monte Pagasarri.

¿Con qué aviones se hace? ¿Con qué dinero se paga? ¿Con qué nos rocían? ¿Cuándo les hemos dado permiso? ¿Dónde están los registros públicos con toda esa información? ¿Acabará denunciando alguien a Podemos y PSOE por «gasearnos»?

Estelas químicas y “geoingeniería”
1. What in the World Are They Spraying? (Full Length HD Version)
2. Chemtrails, morgellons and smart dust what they dont want you to know
3. Amid IPCC climate alarmism report, scientists are now calling for CHEMTRAIL spraying to stop “global warming”
4. Watch this clip at REAL.video showing the effects of “living fibers” being sprayed from the skies via aerosol all over our food and families
5. First geoengineering experiment to dim the sun on track for 2019
6. Geoengineering projects
7. Weather Modification
8. Climate Viewer
9. Five geoengineering solutions proposed to fight climate change
10. An Indisputable Database for Chemtrail Deniers
11. Frank Keutsch — Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment (SCOPEX)
12. SCoPEx
13. Results of the South African Cloud-Seeding Experiments Using Hygroscopic Flares
14. EPA Whistleblower Exposes the Ongoing Geoengineering Omnicide (AUDIO)
15. Chemtrail and Weather Modification Patents
16. Geoengineering Watch
17. Chemtrails Project UK
18. United Nations Pushes Geoengineering As Last Ditch Effort to Save Humanity
19. Chemtrails Exposed: Dresser Industries and the New Manhattan Project
20. Geoengineering Watch: Our Most Comprehensive Climate Engineering Presentation