Fake News (5)

Fake News (5) 1. Pedophile Media in Full Damage-Control Mode 2. How the mainstream media’s “fake news” undermines democracy and protects the corrupt establishment: new mini-documentary by the Health Ranger 3. Joe Scarborough: ‘Hillary Clinton Cost Hillary Clinton the Election,’ Not Fake News 4. We Are the Real Movement to Destroy Fake News 5. Leaked […]

Podemos (4)

Podemos (4) 1. Podemos respalda en Galicia al agresor de un agente de Policía 2. Podemos pasa de las propuestas de sus bases: ninguna ha sido aprobada 3. IU convoca una manifestación a favor del dictador Fidel Castro y apenas acude un puñado de personas 4. El padre de Bescansa fue condenado tras morir una […]

Fake News (4)

Fake News (4) 1. Weather Channel Hot for Fake News; Attacks Breitbart with Bad Science, Logic 2. We Are Watching The Long Game To Total Censorship Play Out 3. Washington Post now admits its “fake news” story relied on… get this… a FAKE news source 4. New Poll Ranks “Credibility” Of Mainstream Media Outlets 5. […]

Fake News (3)

Fake News (3) 1. The “Pizzagate” Arrest: Police Release Criminal Complaint Against Comet Restaurant Shooter 2. Globalist war against humanity shifts into high gear: Cars, cash, literature and independent news all targeted for elimination 3. Corporate Media Demands Social Media Ban “Fake News” 4. This Is the Purge We All Knew Was Coming: “Shutting Down […]

Fake News (2)

Fake News (2) 1. The Ministry of Social Media 2. The Old Media Attacks The New 3. Fake News: Newsweek Admits They Didn’t Write Or Even Read “Madam President” Issue 4. The biggest propagators of fake news: The U.S. government 5. Bill Targeting “Russian Propaganda” Passes In House 6. Why Labeling Websites As “Russian Propaganda” […]

Podemos (3)

Podemos (3) 1. El podemita que ataca a Gas Natural cobraba 53.000€ de Cepsa y defendía la industria energética 2. La gran incoherencia de Podemos: hijos de la ‘casta’, especuladores y millonarios 3. Del Aragón que Echenique no conoce y la España que no merece 4. Juan Carlos Monedero deja de recibir dinero de Venezuela […]

India’s Currency Debacle (2)

India’s Currency Debacle (2) 1. Why The Powers That Be Are Pushing A Cashless Society 2. Cash Crackdown Escalates: India May Impose 60% Tax On “Unaccounted” Deposits, Curbs On Gold Holdings 3. Indian Currency Crashes To Record Low As Cash Exchange Of Old Notes Suspended 4. Indian Government Seeks To Quell Panic: “No Plan To […]

Fake News

Fake News 1. Crybully college professor names Natural News a ‘fake news’ website along with dozens of others that predicted the REAL election outcome 2. ‘Useful’ List Of False, Misleading, Clickbait-y, And/Or Satirical “Real News” Sources 3. Self-Proclaimed Truth Czars Create Lists of ‘Fake News’ Sites to Control Your Mind 4. RED ALERT: Corporate Media’s […]