Robots (9)

Robots (9) 1. What’s Wrong With The Robot Tax? 2. U.S. military to have more ROBOT soldiers than human by the year 2025 3. Doctors about to be replaced by hospital AI systems offering better diagnosis and less arrogance 4. Lo que hay detrás de los robots y no se atreven a contarte 5. Robot […]

Why I’m Sexist

Why I’m Sexist 1. Why I’m Sexist 2. The Role of Masculinity 3. The road to sexism is paved with feminism Pt 1 4. The Road to Sexism Pt 2 5. Hell hath no fury

El aparato de propaganda política de Google (3)

El aparato de propaganda política de Google (3) 1. One Statistics Professor Was Just Banned By Google: Here Is His Story 2. Google Folds, Restores Accounts Of Banned Statistics Professor 3. Google shuts off all accounts of statistician without warning… The techno LYNCH MOB is out of control 4. Damore’s Revenge: Google Faces Growing Legal […]

War on Cash (3)

War on Cash (3) 1. War On Cash: Desperate VISA Begs Merchants With $10,000 Bribe To Go Cashless 2. Financial Martial Law 3. 95% Of Europeans Reject EU Efforts To “De-Cash” Their Lives 4. Aussie ‘War On Cash’ Tsar: “Consumers Are Part Of The Problem” 5. Why Elites Are Winning The War On Cash 6. […]

Privatizar el socorro y el auxilio (2)

Privatizar el socorro y el auxilio (2) Privatizar el socorro y el auxilio (2) 1. Private Companies Are Stepping In To Help Hurricane Victims 2. Ron Paul Explains Why “Government ‘Aid’ Only Makes Disasters Worse” 3. Health Ranger Store announces donation distributions to aid Hurricane Harvey victims in Texas: $63,218.79 in relief funds distributed 4. […]


Taxi La «app» que pretende abaratar hasta un 60% los viajes en taxi “Sin embargo, la normativa no lo permite. En el caso de Ntaxi, la aplicación asegura que este servicio sí es legal porque es la aplicación la que fija el precio que debe cobrar el taxista, no el conductor.” ¿Por qué no lo […]

Mutilación genital masculina (3)

Mutilación genital masculina (3) 1. Why America must stop circumcising baby boys and start viewing it as mutilation 2. 6 August 2017: Speakers’ Corner – Mike Buchanan discusses MGM with Muslim men 3. Protest against male circumcision hits Duluth 4. 12 August 2017: Mike Buchanan discusses MGM with a young Muslim man and woman, Oxford […]

Transexualismo (10)

Transexualismo (10) El declive del transexualismo. 1. The Transgender Boondoggle 2. Los secretos del Movimiento Gay, ¡al descubierto! 3. Gender-confused liberals berate “women only” spa for not allowing male genitals to be displayed by transgenders… HUH? 4. Ben Shapiro Tells Transgender He Has A Mental Illness, Gets Violent 5. 24 Republicans Vote To Preserve Transgender […]

Pedofilia (3)

Pedofilia (3) 1. Homosexuality acceptance is leading to the normalization of pedophilia 2. Detenido un monitor de campamentos de 26 años por abusos a menores 3. Unbelievable Pedophile Activity Operating on the Darknet from Germany and the US 4. US Laws Have Legalized Pedophilia With Children As Young as 10 Yrs Old And No One […]