India’s Currency Debacle (8)

India’s Currency Debacle (8) 1. Is India The Next Pakistan? «It Keeps Getting Worse Ever Faster» 2. «Everything’s Worse» – Where India’s Disintegration Is Set To Begin 3. First India Bans Cash, Now It’s Targeting Gold 4. India: Cash Is Back (But The Crisis Has Deepened) 5. 4 Interesting Developments In The Gold & Silver […]

Robots (8)

Robots (8) 1. Amazon’s Phone-Charging Robot Will Spare You The Indignity Of Talking To Strangers 2. TEPCO Sacrifices Another «Swimming Robot» At Fukushima: Still «No Sign Of Melted Nuclear Core» 3. Welcome To The Era Of Artificial Intelligence And Technological Deceit 4. The rise of hyper-realistic sex robots and the end of humanity 5. Meet […]