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Ingenieras (10)   Esta fue otra de las campañas globalistas que se fue a la mierda. Seguid vosotros con la lista, si es que los globalistas intentan seguir con el tema.     SCOTLAND: Women in medicine ‘held back by part-time careers’ Nace el Club Inspiring Girls, una iniciativa para conectar a las niñas […]

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Educación (4) 1. La UAB tendrá el curso próximo la única carrera sobre feminismo de España 2. Mujer en igualdad, pero sin feminismo excluyente 3. La Rey Juan Carlos cerró el máster que cursó Montón porque sólo se apuntaban miembros del PSOE y CCOO 4. Let’s imitate Hungary and make a bonfire of Women’s and […]

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Ingenieras (9) 1. Alessandro Strumia’s CERN Talk 2. Citroën boss: ‘Where does my handbag go’? 3. The Cern sexism row shows that even scientists can’t talk about gender 4. El Gobierno igualará el CV de mujeres investigadoras al de hombres por “cuidar de sus hijos” 5. Male/Female Differences Science Cover-Up Controversy! 6. Tracey Curtis-Taylor, Bird […]

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Ingenieras (8) 1. Chinese teacher tells her class of nine year olds to count 100 million grains of rice… one at a time 2. Social Justice Warriors force retraction of scientific study because it doesn’t fit the “Left Cult” narrative that claims men and woman are exactly the same 3. Talking about biological differences between […]

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Ingenieras (7) 1. Science hurts women 2. Closing gender gap in physics ‘will take generations’ 3. Femalefedupwithfeminism: Britain’s first specialist engineering university will take female school-leavers without A-level maths or physics to boost the number of female students. What could possibly go wrong? 4. School multiplies its praise to boost girls’ maths skills 5. Teachers […]

El aparato de propaganda política de Google (6)

El aparato de propaganda política de Google (6) 1. The Decreasing Viability of YouTube as a Platform for Independent Creators 2. Google’s internal handbook instructs engineers to bury Natural News web pages from search results 3. Why Women Don’t Code 4. 7 REASONS Why I Am Leaving GOOGLE ~ Social Media Influencer Steve Cioccolanti 5. […]

El aparato de propaganda política de Google (5)

El aparato de propaganda política de Google (5) 1. Labor Board Memo Says James Damore Firing was Legal 2. How a female software engineer uncovered the horrifying left-wing cult of censorship and bullying that pervades the tech industry 3. We need more women like Michelle Malkin, a hero of truth, courage and the freedom to […]

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Ingenieras (6) 1. Melbourne University Offers Female only IT Classes 2. Equal Contribution 3. The Gender Equality Paradox in STEM 4. Theranos’ CEO Elizabeth Holmes Charged By SEC With «Massive Fraud» 5. News: Down the STEM Drain (TFM 42O) 6. Theranos: el «fraude masivo» de los análisis de sangre con una gota 7. Diversity Bridge […]

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Ingenieras (5) 1. “Elite” Oxford University gives women more time to finish their stem exams 2. The More Gender Equality, the Fewer Women in STEM 3. Cuanto más libres son las mujeres menos optan por estudiar ciencias e ingeniería 4. She will never love mathematics 5. We Don’t Need More Women in STEM 6. Feminist […]

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Ingenieras (4) 1. University Entrants 2017 (UK) 2. Busted Billion-Dollar-Baby Fraud Finds Another Greater Fool – Softbank Lends Theranos $100 Million! 3. New childhood survey shows that more boys want to be POLICE officers instead of athletes; girls want science and technical careers 4. Can’t we just STEM the flow of feminism? 5. Whataboutism