Bettina Arndt. Australia. (3)

Bettina Arndt. Australia. (3) 1. Heather Mac Donald warns of the feminist takeover 2. Bettina Arndt: Sexist male-bashing on Marriage at First Sight (and more) 3. Bettina Arndt: Plan for Sydney University – Wednesday February 27 4. For Kids Sake’s ambitious plan to protect children during family break-up 5. Campus truth blitz about the rape […]

Bettina Arndt. Australia. (2)

Bettina Arndt. Australia. (2) 1. Petition: Sydney University Must Take Action Against Bettina Arndt’s Violent Protesters 2. Bettina Arndt: Campus rape tour making waves 3. Amazing revelations about Bettina Arndt’s Sydney Uni protesters 4. Bettina Arndt introduces Patrick Graham, feminist justice survivor 5. Senator Stoker targets Sydney Uni’s handling of the demo against Bettina Arndt […]

Bettina Arndt. Australia.

Bettina Arndt. Australia. 1. Why I Fight Feminism – Bettina Arndt 2. Feminist mobs at La Trobe University 3. Sydney University security were overwhelmed by dangerous, aggressive protestors preventing students 4. Leftist mobs at Sydney University 5. Bettina Arndt’s Fake Rape Campus Tour – Part 1 6. Bettina Arndt takes action against Sydney University protesters […]

March for Men. Australia.

March for Men. Australia. 1. Men’s March Australia in Melbourne 2. A declaration of values 3. What really happened at the March for Men Australia 4. Men are the new fascists .. 5. March For Men Australia 6. What happens when you March for Men in Melbourne, Australia? 7. Stand together for men | March […]

Australia. Molyneux & Southern.

Australia. Molyneux & Southern. Videos 1. Australian News Channel Produces Hit Piece on Lauren Southern 2. Event Canceled: New Zealand Is Hostile To Free Speech 3. «Lauren Southern Supports Genocide» .. Melbourne’s Retarded ANTIFA Protesters 4. Bettina Arndt on Southern and Molyneux’s Slut-shaming 5. The New Zealand TV Interview They Wouldn’t Show You! 6. Attempting […]