Solteras (7)

Solteras (7)

A. Hijos
B. Madres solteras
C. Filtrar, seleccionar y discriminar
D. El “convencionalismo” de la diferencia de edad en una pareja
E. Mercado
F. Game
G. Dating
H. Cheating
I. Divorcio
J. Women don’t assimilate
K. Women Start Paying For Feminism
L. Mantener una relación
M. Teach Women How to Have a Normal Relationship

Dentro de unos diez años hablaremos de la persistencia en coger tetas. Del karma y de Mateo. Pero no de Trump ni de su “Grab them by the pussy”.

Diez años o menos.

Y mientras decidimos cuándo empezamos a hablar de este asunto de las solteras, ahí van unos artículos y unos videos.

A. Hijos
1. Population control: 6.8 Million fewer girls to be born in India by 2030 because of selective abortion
2. Millennials Were Already Putting Off Having Children. Then the Pandemic Hit.
3. Southern Environmental Law Center high-dollar donor is actively funding depopulation initiatives
5. Millennial Manifesto: The Dissolution of Monogamy
6. My predictions for 2021 are almost fully aligned with James Howard Kunstler: Read the list here
7. Familles nombreuses: la vie en XXL | TF1
8. How Government Policy Reduces Fertility
9. Global Depopulation – Two paths, One Destination
10. Japan’s Incredibly Shrinking Population Is A Big Problem
11. Just Charts of Demographics…with Multiple Variables (or hot topics for your next cocktail party)
12. Here’s what you need to know about the anti-family Equality Act
13. Satanic temple in Texas files lawsuit demanding “religious right” to sacrifice babies through abortion
14. Fertility warning: 34 cases of spontaneous miscarriage and stillbirth reported after experimental mRNA vaccines
15. Bioethics and the New Eugenics
16. Vox pide al Gobierno «promover la familia y la natalidad» con ayudas públicas directas a los padres
17. Reprogramming Females: Sterilization of most US girls and women is the next phase for mRNA vaccine “technology”
18. American judges removing children from parental custody for not wearing a mask
19. Sperm from malnourished males transmits information that negatively affects the genetic expression of their offspring
20. Asistencia feminazi al parto
21. Should we Celebrate Unmarried, Childless Women?
22. 5 Doctors speak out about coronavirus vaccines attacking women’s reproductive health as a form of population control
23. Demoledor discurso de la escritora Ana Iris Simón ante Sánchez: «No habrá España 2050 sin familias»
24. La licencia familiar de Biden es otro ataque a la familia
25. A Dark Future Is On The Horizon… (Here’s Why) feat. @Rollo Tomassi
26. Los niños en la Roma Imperial o el recuerdo de una infancia que fue nuestra

27. Los errores de Ana Iris Simón

28. Esto es lo que cuesta mantener a un perro al año según un estudio
29. Ayuso otorgará una ayuda de 14.500 € por hijo a las madres jóvenes con rentas inferiores a 30.000 €
30. Mónica García considera de «familias de pedigrí» a l s madres veinteañeras que cobran menos de 30.000 €
31. Requisitos y cómo conseguir el cheque bebé que ha anunciado Isabel Díaz Ayuso
33. ¿Funcionará el cheque bebé de Ayuso?
34. China Considers Lifting All Childbirth Restrictions by 2025
35. Have the Great Reset Technocrats Really Thought This Through? Evil: Between Depopulation & Neuralink
36. Ayuso: «Habrá deducciones a las contrataciones familiares por dependencia o para el cuidado de los hijos»
37. El Parlamento europeo pretende declarar el aborto derecho humano y eliminar la objeción de conciencia de los médicos
38. La licencia familiar de Biden es otro ataque a la familia
39. Cómo las familias impulsan el desarrollo económico
40. Cómo los modelos matrimoniales pueden haber ayudado a impulsar el aumento de la riqueza en Europa
41. La izquierda trata de vetar que la Asamblea de Madrid guarde silencio por niños asesinados por sus madres
42. El ministerio de Belarra lanza un vídeo para estigmatizar a los bebés cuyos padres ganen 75.000 €
43. World Population Prospects 2019
44. Visualizing the World’s Population by Age Group
45. Satanists, Planned Parenthood and more: 216 crazy AmazonSmile charities

B. Madres solteras
1. Mrs Doubtfire & The Plague Of Single Mothers – MGTOW
2. Landlord removes windows and doors after Maple Ridge, B.C. mom late with rent
3. 33yr Old Single Mother Dumped 30 Times Because Men Don’t Want To Raise Another Man’s Children
4. BTT #71 – 6 Risks Dating Single Moms
5. Man Forced to Pay Alimony to Ex-Girlfriend – TFF Episode 125
6. Unmarried Ontario couple had no children and no house but man must still pay support, appeal court rules
7. Three women who acted like a ‘pack of animals’ when they attacked trainee nurse avoid jail. Violent women are above the law.
8. Single Mom Delivered The Cold Hard Truth About Her Solipsism…
9. With tough times coming, don’t be a safety net.
10. SINGLE MOMS & BETA MALES: Rules of Modern Dating & Understanding Women «It’s Complicated»
11. Single Moms, Feminism & Victim Mindsets #Shorts
12. 3 TYPES OF MEN That Date SINGLE MOTHERS! ( The Cold Truth )
13. Why Single Moms Have a VICTIM Mindset
14. Why Men WASTE TIME on Single Moms

C. Filtrar, seleccionar y discriminar
1. Let’s talk red flags. How many have you missed in previous relationships?
2. 50 Red Flags You Should Watch for in Your Relationship
3. Girls with Tattoos | A Coach Red Pill video
4. Why Tomi Lahren Is So Confused About Men | Femininity Analysis and Breakdown
5. How To Test A Woman’s Quality
6. The Dangers Of Dating An Uncultured Woman
7. Do this BEFORE you move in with her
8. BEWARE OF QUIET GIRLS | A Coach Red Pill video
9. Don’t Marry Her |
10. Harsh Truth: What Women ACTUALLY Mean By This…
11. The WORST Woman EVER? Giga-Chad Ruined His Life
12. If A Woman Says This DUMP HER!
13. If she has other guys in her life, you won’t be one of them soon.
14. TOP 25 SIGNS Of A GOOD WOMAN….( The Holy Grail Of Females )
15. Should I Marry Someone With a Low IQ?
16. Never Date A Woman Below THIS LINE
17. If She Fails This Test DUMP HER!

E. Mercado
1. Smart men are either leading, or getting out of the way. Following isn’t an option
2. 4 Blunt Truths Women Don’t Want Men To Know
3. If a woman plays hard to get, just walk away.
4. Why relationships are harder with age | An immovable feast
5. Relationships aren’t what they used to be | Dinosaurs who date
6. Women are problems (mathematical proof)
7. When She Says: «What Are You Looking For?» – This is What She REALLY Means
8. Why nervous women are attractive
9. How You Know YOU Aren’t HER First Choice & Why You Should Dump Her if You Aren’t
10. Casual or long term relationships, she’s gonna sh*t test.
11. We interviewed girls on SEX, DATING and BDSM – (The Surprising Truth!)
12. Women are work
13. Your girlfriend didn’t change – She got tired of ACTING
14. Why women and men don’t care much | Relationships after 30
15. GUYS, NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOU | A Gonzalo Lira video
16. Russian women about their life goals
17. Girl Gets Kicked Out DURING A One Night Stand
18. 5 BIG Secrets Single Women Hide From Men
19. YOUR ILLUSIONS ABOUT WOMEN | A Coach Red Pill video
20. Leftover Women!?! Why Women Over 30 Are Unwanted In The Chinese Dating Market
21. M’Lady
22. Husband 2.0, Alternatives to Indentured Servitude – The Red Zone Episode 4
23. How slim are the odds of actually finding someone worth dating?
24. Sexual Market Value Explained
25. Women’s Weapon Against Men
26. LIVE: Submission, Height, Anarchy, Gender Roles (and stuff)
27. A message to men (and a small rant to women and society) about dating/marriage
28. EFFORT & GOALS: Rules of Modern Dating & Understanding Women «It’s Complicated»
29. Why Feminists Find Sexist Men Sexier
30. Why most relationships don’t even start
31. Having Kids Without Risk of Divorce – Is it Even Possible?
32. Why Women Hate MGTOW | Live From The Lair
33. How Women Exploit Men’s Blind Spot
34. The Sexual Market Value Graph: Data
35. The 9 Qualities Women NEVER Admit They Actually Want In Men
36. SATISFYING WOMEN: Rules of Modern Dating & Understanding Women «It’s Complicated»
37. Women who don’t know themselves WANT IT ALL
38. Stop Looking For Good Girls For Marriage. Do This Instead.
39. If your woman doesn’t treat you as well as you do her, one of you is a fool.
40. The Sisterhood Über Alles
41. A short article listing the 50 reasons men should NEVER marry
42. 50 signs you will never get married (and why it’s totally okay
43. STOP Settling For Average – Do The Work
44. It’s Time To Re-Evaluate the 80/20 Rule
45. Why do Women ask: Who Hurt You?
46. The lie of female empowerment
47. Never ask a fish how to catch fish. Guys should get dating advice from men.
48. There Are No «Good Girls»
49. What Men Need to Know Before Committing To a Woman Over 27 Years Old
50. BTT # 102 – Why 75% of Men DON’T Recommend Marriage
51. FACT: Women Are ONLY As Good As Their Friends
52. BTT # 103 – Woman Learns (Live) Men & Women Are Not The Same
53. NEVER Make These Two Mistakes With Women
54. Woke women and their dangerous friends – with Suzanne Venker.
55. Nature is Unforgiving Towards Women
56. Basque Women Are Garbage | A Coach Red Pill video
57. When She Says: «What Are You Looking For?» – This is What She REALLY Means
58. The Quickest Way To Destroy This ILLUSION
59. Lessons to Learn from The Folly of Herod Antipas

G. Dating
1. Dating Women and their Red Flags
2. Is dating over?
3. Have hookups replaced dating?
4. FEMALE ACCOUNTABILITY: Rules of Modern Dating & Understanding Women «It’s Complicated»
5. The Girl Power Guide to Online Dating |
6. This guy goes on 100 dates, spends $7,800…but was it worth it?
7. Dating vs. Courtship. Differences, Pros/Cons, and Which Method is Better in Producing Lasting Love.
8. 5 técnicas para LIGAR por Rocío y el GURÚ de la SEDUCCIÓN
9. Let’s have a laugh at some memes and as requested 5 dating profiles of the day
10. 10 Things Men Don’t Do While Dating Anymore | Episode Highlights
11. Why Women Give Bad Dating Advice #Shorts
12. Don’t Date Ugly Women
13. Don’t date unhappy women
14. Yo No Soy Como Las Demás | Anti Betas
15. Why You NEVER Date THIS Type Of Woman
16. Modern Dating Sucks
17. Forever Alone: Why Aren’t People Dating Anymore?
18. Feminism is making it hard to date
19. Dating Apps are Ruining Dating
20. Why You Should PUNISH Flaky Women That Reschedule Dates

H. Cheating
2. Loyal Husband Finds Out Wife Participates In Gangb#%gs While He’s Away Working (She’s Toast!)
3. Lola protagoniza una noche de sexo con Carlos horas después de pedir perdón a su novio
5. Young Man Dumps Fiancée After Discovering She Had A List Of Guys «To Have Fun With» Before Wedding
6. If she has other guys in her life, you won’t be one of them soon.
7. EVERY WOMAN WILL CHEAT….UNLESS You Do This Now! ( Ignore At Your Own Risk!!! )

J. Women don’t assimilate
1. The Modern Independent Woman
2. Women’s Unrealistic Expectations And Why They Have Them
3. Women overwhelmingly demand a body type only 14% of men can achieve
4. Tomi Lahren Proves She is Just a Pretty Feminist With a Very Bad Attitude…
5. 130 Men and Counting…. BUTT!! Don’t Judge Me! |
6. Sorry ladies… size matters
7. Go away we don’t want you…until we do.
8. And she proves every single point men have for not dating or marrying anymore.
9. The Exact Age Women Stop Growing
10. Woke women are killing relationships – with Suzanne Venker.
11. Easy women are lying to themselves
12. Let’s roast 3 women who think they are ‘the catch’
13. Are We Seeing An Uprise Of The Female Incel?

K. Women Start Paying For Feminism
1. Woman Seriously Hurt In Bangalore Bus As Men Did Not Stop Her From Falling
2. Women are starting to worry, they see men leaving the game
3. BBC boss Tessa Finch ordered to pay jobless ex-husband
4. Half discussion, half rant. You want men out of society? Fine, you got it.
5. Un juzgado exime a un padre de pagar la pensión a sus hijas por tratarle como «un cajero automático»
6. The Dead Woman on the Sidewalk
7. A Dark Future Is On The Horizon… (Here’s Why) feat. @Rollo Tomassi
8. 7 gatos se comen a una anciana soltera en Madrid
9. Women can’t count on women – ( Now that men are gone )
10. Girl Power won’t come to the rescue
11. How Feminism has FAILED Modern Women w/@The Rational Male (Studies in Description)
12. Men, Unplug From Lies About Women & Life

L. Mantener una relación
1. BTT# 68 – How Men Jeopardize Relationships & Get Dumped
2. Nagging: The Other N Word | Live From The Lair
3. How To Maintain Genuine Desire From Your Woman in a LTR/Marriage
4. When Women Create Drama, Do This…
5. What Feminists Get Wrong About Good Sex
6. How I manage Money in Relationships & Marriage. (as a millionaire)
7. Managing & protecting money in a relationship / marriage (real talk on personal finance)
8. Mi esposa me dejó. («Cómo el éxito nos destruyó»)
9. When Women Complain – STOP DOING THIS!!!
10. Why I talk about relationships
11. Never make a woman priority over anything in your life

M. Teach Women How to Have a Normal Relationship
1. You can’t even believe a DNA test she hands you, and one guy fell for it…HARD
2. Are You Giving Your Wife Too Much? | Make Your Demands
3. WRONG ANSWER! How To Strip A Woman Of Her Power
6. Women MUST Understand They Are Replaceable
7. Stop Forgiving Women
8. Stop Treating Women Better Than They Deserve
9. If she has other guys in her life, you won’t be one of them soon.
10. They Lied to You: Punishment is Better Than Reward. This is Why.

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