Solteras (6)

Solteras (6)

A. Hijos
B. Madres solteras
C. Filtrar, seleccionar y discriminar
D. El “convencionalismo” de la diferencia de edad en una pareja
E. Mercado
F. Game
G. Dating
H. Cheating
I. Divorcio
J. Women don’t assimilate
K. Women Start Paying For Feminism
L. Mantener una relación
M. Teach Women How to Have a Normal Relationship

Y mientras decidimos cuándo empezamos a hablar de este asunto, ahí van unos artículos y unos videos.

A. Hijos
1. Killing your unborn baby to keep ‘bikini body’? No abortion too frivolous for feminists
2. Cómo silenciar a los que dicen que «se te va a pasar el arroz»
3. News: Both Sides Agree: Empower Women To Raise Birthrates (Morning Constitutional)
4. The End of Babies
5. Israel booms with babies as developed world’s birth rates plummet. Here’s why.
6. El PSOE y Más Madrid votan contra los descuentos a las familias numerosas porque «son ricas»
7. Females and Births, As Rudimentary As We Can Get
8. Espectacular posado en biquini de Pilar Rubio a pocos días de dar a luz a su cuarto hijo
9. Bernie Ecclestone celebrates birth of fourth child at age 89
10. Una concejala de Podemos la toma con Pilar Rubio por la foto de su parto: «El patriarcado no quiere vernos doloridas»

B. Madres solteras
1. Boris Johnson criticised for attack on single mothers and their ‘ill-raised, ignorant’ children
2. Single mom in her 40s RUNS OUT OF TINDER MATCHES?? How do you do that?? LOL!
3. Irene Montero promociona un libro que enseña a niñas de 2 años cómo ser madres solteras
4. Cómo ser hija de madre soltera en la España del 92: la película española que enamora en Berlín
5. Female lawyer gets £400,000 and half of £10m estate after she quit working to raise children
6. Un alto cargo del PSOE cántabro a los padres que quieren pasear con sus hijos: «Tendríais que haber comprado un perro»
7. 5 Reasons Smart Men Avoid Marrying or Dating Single Moms
8. 3 UGLY TRUTH’s About Dating SINGLE MOM’S That EVERY MAN Must Know! ( Watch BEFORE You Go There!!! )
9. BUT the arguments they use, actually support why men DON’T date them.
10. I’m attractive and am called beautiful, but no man wants long term dating, just hit it and quit it.

C. Filtrar, seleccionar y discriminar
1. Girls with Tattoos | A Coach Red Pill video
2. Dating an NPC | A Coach Red Pill video
3. Women Who Think They’re Better Than You
4. Ask her for something
5. 7 Red Flags In Dating You Should NEVER Ignore
6. 14 Red Flags to Look Out for in a Relationship
7. DNA checks may land jealous types in court
8. 10 Types Of Women To Avoid & Not Marry!
9. The Sympathy Bomb: How Women Trick Men Into Paying Their Debt | Live From The Lair
10. Money: Low Vs High Quality Women (Can You Tell The Difference?)
11. 12 Things to Know Before Getting in a Relationship – Red Pill Relationships #44
12. Do not get into relationships with women who work in call centers
13. 10 Types of Women Who Are a WASTE OF TIME!
14. 10 Mental Illness Signs You Should Not Ignore
16. 12 Tips for Protecting Yourself in Marriage
17. Modern Dating Made Me a Bitch |

D. El “convencionalismo” de la diferencia de edad en una pareja
1. La tragicomedia del rey de Malasia: una boda exprés con una miss y un trono perdido
2. News: Burning the Wick (Morning Constitutional)
3. What Keanu Reeves dating ‘age-appropriate’ Alexandra Grant reveals about sexism and ageism in Hollywood
4. The REAL Reason Men Choose Young Women (Not Looks)
5. ¡A los 75! Antonio Grimau está de novio con una joven de 22 años
6. 20 Famosas que han sido flechadas por hombres mayores
7. 5 «Older Guy» Qualities Younger Women Chase in a Man | Use THESE Instead of Money to Attract Her
8. What To Say When A Girl Asks – How Old Are You?
9. Dating Younger Women – What if She Says You’re Too Old for Her?
10. 5 Ways to Respond When a Woman Asks Your «AGE» | Over 40? How to Reply to «How Old Are You?»
12. 5 Ways «Older Guys» Can Have STATUS With Women
13. Dating a Younger Woman – 6 Tips to Win A Younger Girl
14. Why do younger girls like older men?
15. Bernie Ecclestone celebrates birth of fourth child at age 89
16. Gianluca Vacchi anuncia que va a ser padre de su primer hijo a los 52 años
17. Quién es Gianluca Vacchi, el millonario más excéntrico del mundo

E. Mercado*
2. So… MEN Are Crazy? Well This is Why
3. 70 Reasons You’ll Stay Single |
4. The Truth About the Incel Community: A Conversation Part 1
5. The Truth About the Incel Community: A Conversation Part 2 [FIXED AUDIO]
6. ELIMINATE The Competition: The 4 Methods of Women
7. Dating Rich Girls | A Coach Red Pill video
8. The Incel Ask Me Anything
9. No Mercy! If She Flakes On You DO THIS
10. University Study Proves Women Are Gold Diggers |
11. If you don’t pay, she won’t stay
12. This Is How They CHEAT The Dating Market
13. Nippon One-Night Stands EXPLODE
14. This Is Why Women Make ZERO EFFORT
15. 5 BIG Secrets Single Women Hide From Men
16. Women retain living DNA of every man they have had sexual encounters with
17. Man Won‘t Date «Woke» Women. World Ends.
18. Women & Tattoos, Are They Broken? A Tattoo Artist Tells All
19. Cómo Encontrar un Buen Hombre | Hombres que valen la pena
20. Boobs of All Shapes and Sizes | Live From The Lair
21. All Women Have Backup Men Including Your Girlfriend
22. The Harsh Reality of Sexual Market Value | Live From The Lair
23. Wahmen Hate the Manosphere (and want you to hate it, too) | Live From The Lair
24. What Worries Japanese Girls about Dating Western Guys (Interview)
25. Why Women Leave «Good» Men
26. What Women REALLY Mean by ‘We’re Not Compatible’
27. What Happens When You Cry In Front Of Women?
28. 10 Weird Places To Meet Women
29. 10 Powerful Body Language Secrets That Turn Men On
30. 7 Things Men Notice First In Women & Find Attractive
31. Why Women Hate MGTOW | Live From The Lair
32. Women Are A Game of Numbers | A Coach Red Pill video
33. How Women Are Attracted To Money
34. I Don’t Care What Men Want… Yet |
35. What A 32 Year Old Woman Is Thinking | A Coach Red Pill video
36. THE MILF TRAP | A Coach Red Pill video
37. 8 Differences Between Chasing a Woman and Pursuing Her
38. Why Men Are Refusing to Date
39. All The Good Men Are Gone! | All Men Are Trash
40. Her Facebook rant goes viral. Sounds like the princess got her heart broken

F. Game
1. $*x Is No Big Deal Unless You’re Not Getting Any
2. Love is Blind: Matthew Barnett proves that looks and money don’t matter as long as you have GAME

G. Dating
1. Why She Tests You (Examples of Women’s Tests)
2. How to Start a Conversation with a Girl (Best Cold Approach Conversation Starters)
3. What to Do When a Woman Tests You (When to Walk Away From a Girl)
4. «THIS» Is How & When To TOUCH A Girl | Breaking The Touch Barrier: Steps 1- 4 (2019)
5. Is She Flirting Or Just Being Friendly
6. What Speed Dating Data Reveals About Women…
7. BTT #56 – Dating, as a Divorced 40 Year Old Father
8. 20 Reasons You Suck at Dating |
9. Chasing Chads. Women are slowly realizing the dating mess is their fault.

H. Cheating
1. Girl cheats with BFs best friend and GETS PREGNANT
2. I’m pregnant and I don’t know if the father is my boyfriend or his best mate
3. You’re Not Paranoid. She’s Cheating On You. |

J. Women don’t assimilate
1. Fewer Women Getting Married is the Fault of Broke Men?
2. Your Standards Are Too Damn High |
3. I’m Panicking Because I’m Getting Older And There’s No One Left To Date
4. 34 year old freaking out because she can’t find a man; says «there’s no Men left to date»
5. What Do You Bring to the Table? |
6. The «Dangerous» Cries of Woke Wahmen |
7. The Glorious Rise of Men Who Won’t Date Feminists — Regarding Men #52
8. Por qué a las mujeres de éxito les cuesta más encontrar el amor
9. Lives of Unmarried Women in their 30’s and 40’s
10. The Wall Defeats Them All |
11. Why This Independent Woman Is Lonely and Unhappy at 38 Years Old

K. Women Start Paying For Feminism
1. MGTOW | Modern Feminism | Consequences
2. Man refuses to offer women his seat on trains because ‘they never do the same’
3. DNA checks may land jealous types in court

L. Mantener una relación
1. Cómo Tratar A Una Mujer Difícil
2. What Nice Guys Need To Know
3. The Cure for Nice Guy Syndrome | Liam Mcrae | Full Length HD
4. Stop Giving Women Power Over You
5. What Is The Role of Women
6. 12 Tips for Protecting Yourself in Marriage
7. THE POWER IN RELATIONSHIPS | A Coach Red Pill video

M. Teach Women How to Have a Normal Relationship
1. Why Men (Not Women) Should Name Their Sons
2. How to Be a 1950’s Housewife (5 Steps)
3. Why your girlfriend should delete all of her social media accounts

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