La pandemia en tiempos de pandemia (51)

La pandemia en tiempos de pandemia (51)


The Phantom Time Hypothesis — The Middle Ages Never Happened

Names and Company’s of the Global cabal



Alameda Research, FTX Ventures invested in more than 250 crypto startups



BIG QUESTION: If lockdowns worked, why do we still need more lockdowns? Just another facet of the never-ending scamdemic

Top 4 ways the medical establishment tries to label people as MENTALLY ILL if they don’t vaccinate, medicate or mutilate

New York City to hospitalize mentally ill individuals without consent

Canadian retailer Simons glamorizes assisted suicide in new ad campaign, calls it “the most beautiful exit”

Americans should get flu jabbed and covid boosted this holiday season, says Biden official: “That’s why God gave you two arms”

Worldwide shadow government behind “elected” government officials and public health institutions



China – The Chinese authorities have remotely switched these people’s Covid digital QR passport to yellow or red to stop them from leaving Guangzhou. They are now stuck in Guangzhou and unable to travel home.

And then we told them freedom of speech threatens freedom of speech


mRNA in COVID-19 vaccines contain FAKE URACIL which may be causing white, rubbery clots

Top oncologist reveals INCREASE in cancer cases among patients injected with COVID-19 shots

SECRET CDC REPORT: Since the launch of Operation Warp Speed, at least 1.1 million Americans have “died suddenly”

Broccoli and raspberries could give you COVID, health experts warn after learning that virus can live on popular foods for as long as a week



Tactics in Counterinsurgency: FM 3-24.2 (U.S. Army Field Manuals)

Feminism And Family Law







FTX head Sam Bankman-Fried declared a “pathological liar and a sociopath” for continuing to explain away his Commonwealth of Australia States Assembly Return to Terra Australis and the Land and Soil Jurisdiction https://commonwealthofaustraliastatesassembly.comoutrageous fraud and deception

UN official claims they “own the science” at WEF event

Autopsy-based histopathological characterization of myocarditis after anti-SARS-CoV-2-vaccination






Post-jab sudden death now being absurdly blamed on “anti-vaxxers” for drawing attention to covid shot genocide

HOLODOMOR 2023: Media sounds alarm over shooter sabotage of power substation in North Carolina; says nothing about government sabotage of food, farms, fertilizer and fuel

CDC offers $3M for NEW TRICKS to vaccinate college students and prisoners



ELYON – «The Commander of The Elohim» This Information is Key! Paul Wallis & Mauro Biglino!




Your city is tracking you

Oxfordshire Council to Trial a Climate Lockdown Starting 2024

Victoria Police given power to seize cryptocurrency wallets under new organised crime laws

Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne advises families to seek alternative care amid ‘unprecedented demand’





#CANCELBALENCIAGA: Anti-groomer groups organize NATIONWIDE protest against Balenciaga for normalizing child pornography with disgusting BDSM ad for children

More than 100 scientists accuse WHO of ignoring risks of “forever chemicals” on human health

10 Most SURPRISING and DANGEROUS ingredients in vaccines, and the industry’s poor explanations for why they’re used

Roughly 87,000 Disney-themed clothes for children RECALLED over lead poisoning risk

Nurse whistleblower: Fetal deaths have SKYROCKETED since pregnant women started being forced to get COVID-19 vaccines

Chaos agents infiltrating health freedom movement, warns Crawford

DON’T SHED ON ME: The covid “vaccinated” are a health threat to the unvaccinated, warns Dr. McCullough Autopsies confirm: Covid-19 vaccine causes fatal heart inflammation or “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome”

Americans are DYING AT WARP SPEED from the Wuhan Flu vaccinations

Baby boy in New Zealand needs heart transplant with clean, unvaccinated blood but hospital won’t comply – You can help at

Planned Parenthood executive argues children are born “sexual,” require sex education and porn literacy




Shivkar Bapuji Talpades’ Mercury Powered Vimana

Mercury is the key to freedom



When She Says, «I’m Not Your Mother!»


SHOCKING These are Not Jews But they are

The Bio-Plasma Universe



Restricted Republic: WEF uses “public health safety” to impose “mark of the beast” technology and control the world

Bill Gates pledges $7 billion to control population and promote abortion in Africa

Report: Organic farming yields 40% more crops than conventional farming during drought

Toxicology expert: COVID-19 vaccines will sterilize an entire generation

Mattel releases American Girl Doll book urging young girls to take puberty blockers without parental consent


Photographer ‘receives death threats’ after Balenciaga S&M teddy


How to Build a Working UFO | Alien Reproduction Vehicles (ARVs)

Monsanto’s poison playbook: How the chemical giant sold the world on a toxic pesticide




Edward Jenner (1749-1823)  Freemason and natural philosopher created world’s first vaccine



Top 6 ways the so-called “experts” of the scamdemic used misdirection to DEFLECT from the FAILURE of the mandates

Globalist plans for humanity draw from John Calhoun’s “mouse utopia” experiments: WATCH

The world you once knew is OVER: 12 must-see predictions (and solutions) for 2023

Central banks race to implement new digital currencies as cities activate “smart” infrastructure

FDA targeting homeopathy: Tell the agency to leave alternative medicine alone

ANALYSIS: Dem mega-donor and FTX crypto founder ARRESTED, charged with conspiracy, wire fraud, campaign finance violations and money laundering

Why the Left must destroy free speech – or be destroyed

Top 5 DEADLY products physicians recommend to you

Inquiry: Almost 5000 children FINED by Canadian authorities for breaching COVID quarantine rules




Feminism And Family Law | Janice Fiamengo

According to Alinsky there are eight levels of control that must be obtained before you are able to create a socialist state.

Epstein victim vows to release video tape showing VIP elites raping and murdering children

Top 8 REAL events that most Americans would swear were conspiracy theories if they were not ALREADY happening

Top 4 shocking ingredients in CIGARETTES dissected and explained – no wonder 35 million Americans can’t figure out why they’re so addicted

CBDC in 2023: Federal Reserve planning to implement “FedNow” digital currency between May and July of 2023

DeSantis says covid jabs being used by “globalist elites to depopulate the planet”

Should all blood donations from Covid-vaccinated people be BANNED from use until research PROVES them safe?

Associated Press instructs all media to use ‘pro-abortion’ language when reporting on topic

HOSPITAL HOMICIDE: Newborn baby DIES from “huge blood clots” following pre-surgery transfusion of covid vaccine-tainted blood

Abortion industry wants legal immunity to kill live-birth babies who survive botched abortions

Reproductive epidemiology expert: Half of all men will have a sperm count of ZERO by 2050

Exposure to COVID vaccine spike proteins renders women infertile, scientists warn

Canadian woman cites lack of medical aid as reason to apply for assisted suicide

Government, media blame climate change for skyrocketing vegetable prices

Josh Sigurdson: COVID-19 vaccine rollout led to biggest genocide in the history of humanity

EU mandates crypto firms report users’ holdings to tax authorities, evoking surveillance concerns

How convenient: Noted defense, constitutional expert calls out Biden regime for charging FTX crypto fraudster SBF ahead of congressional testimony

UK prepares to introduce central bank-backed digital pound



Nuclear Fusion: Illusion, confusion

Full History of the WEF, UN, the Climate Change Hoax, Covid-19 and the People Who Wish to Rule Us–full-history-of-the-wef-un-the-climate-change-hoax-covid-19-and-the-people.html



Full History of the WEF, UN, the Climate Change Hoax, Covid-19 and the People Who Wish to Rule Us–full-history-of-the-wef-un-the-climate-change-hoax-covid-19-and-the-people.html




Biometric Update






Shocking book sheds light on recent epidemic of sudden deaths

German insurance data shows 88 fully vaccinated people are dying suddenly and unexpectedly every day

Many people fully vaxxed against COVID-19 are now going BLIND

Robert Kennedy Jr. says murder of uncle JFK was coup d’etat as CIA involvement confirmed

Latest Rasmussen poll finds 34% of Americans were injured by covid jabs, and 7% of the injuries were major, life threatening

NO MORE AIR TRAVEL: Globalists want to close (nearly) all airports by 2050 to achieve “climate change” targets

Don’t trust the science part 1

Federal report: 250,000 Americans DIE every year after being MISDIAGNOSED in emergency rooms

Medical police state whistleblowers raise the alarm about “devastating” vaccine injuries, while the medicine supply chain collapses from wave of vax-compromised SICK CHILDREN

Swedish ECO-TERRORIST Andreas Malm says embrace “intelligent sabotage” by destroying property in “all manner of ways” to supposedly save Earth from climate change

JOURNO-TERRORISM: Bloomberg calls for climate terrorism across America, says “property destruction” is the only way to achieve climate justice

WHO declares war on unvaccinated people, likens them to murderers by calling them “a major killing force globally”

Biden regime says white people are causing Alzheimer’s disease in non-whites because of “racism”

Germany releases definitive data proving that deaths from “covid” ramped up AFTER the “vaccines” were unleashed

Stiff Person Syndrome is a known adverse effect of covid “vaccination,” and Celine Dion developed it after getting jabbed

8 Teen girls charged with murder in fatal “swarming” attack on homeless man

CASHLESS TYRANNY: EU launches testing of biometric payments from digital wallets

It’s almost impossible to publish a paper that questions official covid claims due to science preprint censorship

Cardiologists sound alarm over COVID vaccines, say more doses mean greater heart risk

Learn how to live without electricity from the Amish community


Funeral homes in Norway are sounding the alarm. They are struggling to store all the dead peopleas excess mortality is sky high.  They say they haven’t seen anything like this inn100 years. What’s going on?

The term «conspiracy theorist» was started by the CIA after JFKs assassination. 60 years later we’ve learned the CIA assassinated JFK. Internalize this.

Why are people no longer bragging about being vaccinated? What changed? The science?

«If you are not your own doctor, you are a fool»  Hippocrates

Dad, is Santa Claus a Hoax? Of course not, son. Think how many people would have to be in on it.

That awkward silence in America right now is the vaccinated realizing the unvaccinated were right

The greatest medicine of all is teaching people how not to need it. Hippocrates.



$1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill contains “sinister” depopulation provisions: $575M to be spent on abortions in areas with high population growth

Big Pharma showing signs of collapse as critical mass of population no longer trusts vaccine scam

Digital prepping: How to protect yourself against cyberattacks

Washed-up Hollywood nobody Sean Penn says “it’s time” for unvaccinated to be imprisoned


It’s starting, Bill Gates announces the next pandemic date and outbreak location | Redacted News


What Is Nostr and How Do I Use It?



‘Died Suddenly’? More Than 1-in-4 Think Someone They Know Died From COVID-19 Vaccines




  WARNING. The Impossible Unfolding today

It’s disgusting to see people blaming unexpected deaths on vaccines when they are easily explained by climate change or racism.

¡Abajo la secta del calentamiento global!

Name ONE disease cured by modern medicine and solved from the root cause without needing lifelong medications. I’ll wait.

I think I cracked the code: if person 1 asks about your vaccine status, just collapse to the floor. Then when person 2 asks if you were vaccinated, person 1 will scream how inappropriate that question is.

Normalize not being on birth control

birth control  = population control

PRAY continually



Maybe it’s not just about defeating an ancient death cult who have ruled over humanity for thousands of years, but it’s about the friends we made along the way


Coincidence theory.




Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor

Vive la vida como si todo estuviera amañado a tu favor.


REPORT: CIA Infiltrated Watergate Break-in as Nixon Threatened to Leak CIA Involvement in JFK Murder



Dear “fully vaxxed and boostered” friends: By now you all know that you’ve been lied to about everything: efficacy, safety, prevention, and transmission. You should be angry with the “experts” who lied to you, not us who warned you and ended up being correct on everything.

World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2023

Let’s make them famous -er


It’s Official: Leftist Researchers Lie. That’s Why Universities Are Doomed.

“BBC is the Virus” – At Least 6 BBC Buildings Across UK Covered with Photos of People Who Died from COVID Vaccine (VIDEO)



Big Pharma showing signs of collapse as critical mass of population no longer trusts vaccine scam

After DECADES of denial, corporate media admits chemtrail terraforming is happening right now to “fight climate change”

RESEARCH: Everyone who gets jabbed with mRNA suffers some degree of heart damage

Stupid science: “Racism causes Alzheimer’s” claims the same HHS that says all vaccines are safe and effective

We are defeating the New World Order: 2022 was the year conspiracy theories became facts

WHISTLEBLOWER: Seasoned cardiologist DESTROYS Big Pharma, statin drugs, covid vaccines on Tucker Carlson Show

We have their names: 18 GOP senators labeled ‘turncoats’ by Gun Owners of America

More than 25% of Americans believe they personally know someone who died from covid “vaccines”

Swiss organization to provide people with SAFE blood transfusions from UNVAXXED purebloods

WEF pushing to ELIMINATE car ownership, says people “can walk or share” – and be happy about it

Pfizer has a shockingly long history of engaging in illegal activities and human experimentation

INSANITY: Injecting people with death shots is “public health” but RESISTING the death shots is deemed “violence” and “mass murder”

These doctors pushed masking, COVID lockdowns on Twitter. Turns out, they don’t exist climate curriculum for children pushes “emotion” over “rational thinking” – if it FEELS too warm, it must be fossil fuel and meat’s fault

Here’s a summary of a half-century’s worth of failed ‘eco-pocalyptic’ predictions of Earth’s doom

Study shows polar bears are THRIVING, debunking claims that they will soon become extinct due to “climate change”

Pfizer’s criminal history is EXTENSIVE, Pfizer Files show

RIDICULOUS: German Ethics Council chair says anyone who advocates review of COVID-19 policy is an enemy of democracy

Data show mortality spike following release of covid “vaccines” had 1 in 391 BILLION chance of occurring by chance alone

Toxic ingredients in oral care products linked to health issues

Chinese researchers celebrate study using mosquitoes to administer “vaccines”

The “next pandemic” is coming, says Bill Gates, who says more censorship needed to “moderate some of the insanity online”

Breaking: Davos 2023 guest list leaked, globalists preparing final phase of Great Reset takeover

Amateur archaeologist decodes messages hidden in cave art inscriptions

Global warming DEBUNKED: Study predicts Europe to get COLDER over the next 15 to 20 years repeats itself: Holocaust survivor goes into hiding after German court authorizes her transfer to psychiatric institution for forced COVID-19 vaccination

Check out these 10 “conspiracy theories” that will receive validation in 2023

FOIA request forces CDC to release covid “vaccine” VAERS data – and it’s not pretty

New Zealand government is trying to outlaw hundreds of harmless medicines that promote healthy immune function

Spanish authorities knew about La Palma volcano’s magma accumulation months before the eruption but DID NOTHING about it

MILITARY OP: Pentagon was in control of COVID-19 pandemic program right from the start

Deep state using alliances with big tech companies to push more people to believe in false narratives

The INSIDIOUS Bill Gates intends to force-vaccinate all HUMANS by first injecting farm animals with deadly mRNA

Cardiologist goes off script on live TV, warns covid vaccines pose a cardiovascular risk and must be shut down

WEF attendees hire unvaccinated pilots to fly them to Davos: “safety of our members is number-one priority”


Superfit Scots teacher horrified to learn ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ marked on medical records




Democrat State Representative In Connecticut Proposes Bill That Would Allow 12-Year-Olds To Get Vaccinated WIthout Parental Consent (Video)



Vibranium? Electrically Charged Stones Found In The Congo!


It begins: Massive protest in London for the vaccine injured

Russia Reveals Antarctica Is Not What We’re Being Told!


New diagnosis codes for COVID-19 immunization status

Eggs Causing Blood Clots? – Exercise On Examining How Clickbait Spreads and Medical Studies Are Warped

Look who leads the world in children ‘changing their sex’

Flame retardants in household items linked to chronic diseases

MEDICAL PAYOLA: Pfizer paid doctors $35M to “educate” other practitioners and market its drugs

Study finds correlation between COVID-19 vaccines and plummeting birth rates in Europe, Australia and Asia

CDC holds secret meeting about new “public health tool” to fight “vaccine misinformation”

HISTORY REPEATS: Pfizer paid out $1.2B after its drug caused thousands of BREAST CANCER cases

‘Dead Name’ documentary exposes secret trans indoctrination cult teaching kids to want gender transition surgery

CHURNING OUT DEATH: Moderna CEO wants mRNA vaccine factories on every continent

POLITICAL THEATER: Greta Thunberg’s “arrest” in Germany was FAKE

They’re tracking us: In obedience to WHO, international medical classification system adds new diagnosis coding for the unvaccinated

Government to audit nursing homes’ use of schizophrenia drugs that are abusively used to SEDATE patients into compliance

Davos attendee: Agenda is to create a “new world order”

MSNBC: ‘It’s a lizard people conspiracy theory to believe WEF is promoting bug eating’

New research once again links glyphosate with cancer, as well as damage to DNA

The true history of Pfizer’s criminal conduct and pharmaceutical MURDER

The “DIED SUDDENLY” X-Files: Athletes are dropping like flies from heart attacks and other “unknown causes” since introduction of the Covid CLOT SHOTS

Report: Some doctors pushing COVID mandates on social media are actually FAKE

Beware of “chaos agents” in the medical freedom movement, warns Mathew Crawford

Planned genocide: Covid jabs were designed to cause harm, warns pharmaceutical executive

Atlanta Antifa suspect worked at CNN, is daughter of Chinese pharma tycoon and ‘global diversity expert’

British vaccine injury victims gather in London for “Truth Be Told” campaign

WALKING DEAD? Do Covid vaccines poke holes in the blood-brain barrier and cause neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s?

“Dead Name” transgender documentary exposes horrors of child mutilation and the lives it’s destroyed

The Ukrainian Nationalist Movement is bought and paid for by the CIA

NOW OR NEVER: Japanese PM Kishida calls for urgent action to halt population collapse

MIT scientist warns that glyphosate is our environment’s most destructive chemical

WEF globalists brag about hackable humans: “We can decode faces in your mind, your PIN number to your bank account”

The game is over and they have lost

Pfizer lied, COVID vaccinated Germans developed AIDS, then one million died in less than a year according to secret German government data

Unvaccinated pilots suing United Airlines for firing or otherwise discriminating against them for having pure blood

Several US doctors ARRESTED for saving children from the Vaccine Holocaust by giving them saline injections instead of deadly spike protein jabs

Vaccine genocide: Pfizer lied and 20 million people died in just a handful of countries according to secret government reports

Glyphosate is spreading further into the ecosystem, now detected in surviving wildflowers and bee pollen

More children in the UK require mental health services due to government and media fear propaganda over COVID-19

Covid jabs are already killing one out of every 874 vaccine recipients… and the numbers keep growing

DoD just gave another $3 million to EcoHealth Alliance, the group tied to Wuhan and gain-of-function research

Project Veritas BOMBSHELL: Pfizer director admits company carries out illegal gain-of-function research



The basic ways gov’t steals your money:

if you earn it, income tax

-if you live somewhere, property tax

-if you spend it, sales tax -if you save it, inflation tax

-if you invest it, capital gains tax

-if you start a business, licenses

-if you own a good business, profit tax

-if you give it away, gift tax

-if you die, inheritance tax





“there’s no money in healthy people, and there’s no money in dead people. The money is in the middle: people who are alive, sort of, but with one or more chronic conditions”


The CIA murders JFK.

The Warren Commission absolves the CIA.

Nixon knows the CIA murdered JFK.

4 of the 5 Watergate burglars work for the CIA.

The CIA frames Nixon for Watergate.

Ford is chosen as Nixon’s replacement.

Ford was on the Warren Commission.


The social rewards for going with the crowd are felt long before the benefits of going against it are gained.


You have a right to refuse a test, mask or injection. That right does not stem from any law. It is a basic inalienable human right to bodily autonomy. Any government that seeks to punish or prejudice someone for refusing to consent to an injection, etc., should be dissolved.


This is what the fight against the deadly Spanish flu looked like in Spain, 1918.


I’m not social distancing. I’m not wearing the mask. I’m not getting the vaccine. I’m not living in fear. I’m not eating the bugs. I’m not backing CBDC. I’m not backing Digital ID. I’m not accepting a chip. I’m not giving up my gas stove. I’m not giving up my guns. I’m not accepting stolen elections. I’m not accepting paedophilia as normal. I’m not ok with a one world order. I’m not accepting a lifetime of slavery.





Cardiologist: Over 7M Americans may have some form of HEART INJURY due to COVID-19 vaccines


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