El aparato de propaganda política de Google (6)

El aparato de propaganda política de Google (6)

1. The Decreasing Viability of YouTube as a Platform for Independent Creators
2. Google’s internal handbook instructs engineers to bury Natural News web pages from search results
3. Why Women Don’t Code
4. 7 REASONS Why I Am Leaving GOOGLE ~ Social Media Influencer Steve Cioccolanti
5. Google’s Leaked Video on Mass Behaviour Modification
6. BOMBSHELL: Google tracks your physical location even if you turn off location data on your mobile device

Era demasiado evidente. Se veía muy bien a dónde querían llegar. ¿Alguien no lo veía venir?

7. YouTube declares war on natural medicine, begins banning channels that promote botanical healing that might hurt the profits of Big Pharma
8. Twitter monitoring “off platform” behavior to BAN people who haven’t violated anything on Twitter
9. The Political Deplatforming of Alternative Media

10. The InfoWar & Insurrection Against the United States & Its Constitution
11. TFM Show: The Great Dick-Tater
12. Alt-Media, the Purge, and Alt-Tech
13. Berkeley PD Arrested These Criminals Attempting To Hurt Patriots
14. The Social Parliament

15. The silencing of Alex Jones
16. First, They Came For Alex Jones
17. Vimeo, Criteo and Shopify join the BANNING bandwagon to de-platform Alex Jones in massive, coordinated purge of pro-America speech
18. Big Brother Microsoft threatening to revoke cloud computing infrastructure from GAB.ai in latest escalation of insane censorship
19. After banning InfoWars, Shopify e-commerce platform yanks the carpet out from under Franklin Armory, a popular firearms accessories manufacturer
20. Mozilla / Firefox goes all in for EVIL… pushes corporate news collusion to silence independent media
Brave Vivaldi
21. Twitter to now ban accounts for attempting to not get banned… Orwellian tyranny reaches new level of insanity

22. The White Pill & My New Focus
23. Trump Finally Addresses Social Media Censorship of Conservatives
24. Democrat memo demands complete takeover of the internet, total censorship of political opponents
25. Facebook now de-platforming conservative journalists who simply ask Muslim congressional candidates tough questions
26. YouTube to start “correcting” climate change skepticism videos with pop-up “facts” that push man-made global warming theory
27. YouTube censorship is about SILENCING voices they can’t control