The Berkeley Riot 2017 (4)

The Berkeley Riot 2017 (4)

A beautiful fucking day

1. BAMN Are A Violent Cult
2. Berkeley BAMN Cult & Who Is Really Behind It

3. College Republicans’ Lawyer Suggests Deploying National Guard If Mayor of Berkeley Cannot Maintain Order
4. Intimidation Is the New Normal on Campus
5. Those ‘Snowflakes’ Have Chilling Effects Even Beyond the Campus
6. Documents Tie Berkeley Riot Organizers To Pro-Pedophilia Group, NAMBLA

27 April 2017
1. UC Berkeley Bans Ann Coulter – But She Plans to Speak Anyway!
2. Ann Coulter UC Berkeley Clash Reveals Massive Covert Op
3. 100s Of Cops Gather As Battle of Berkeley 3.0 Begins – Live Feed
4. «Anti-Fascist» Militia Training Video Shows Leftists Are Preparing For Armed Confrontation

4 May 2017
Communist to Host Event at UC Berkeley On Driving Trump Supporters from Campus