Historia del socialismo (3)

Historia del socialismo (3) 100 años desde el primer golpe de efecto de la izquierda. 100 años de un golpe de suerte. 100 años de masacres, robos, esclavitud, genocidios y violaciones. Un aniversario que no ha tenido nadie que lo homenajeara. Salvo un grupo de genocidas en Rusia. 100 años de declive. 100 años de […]

Leftism (8)

Leftism (8) 1. When SJWs Attack 2. “Negative Hallucination” hypnosis experiment demonstration video – MUST SEE 3. “Fear The Majoritarian Mob” – WSJ On The Left’s “Great Nazi Scare Of 2017” 4. Two New Totalitarian Movements: Radical Islam And Political Correctness 5. Philly AntiFa ‘Cell’ Calls For All-Out Revolution, Demands “Gender Abolition”, “Expropriate Land From […]

Leftism (7)

Leftism (7) 1. Redneck Revolt: Weaponising Working Class Identity 2. How the dissident right can topple the two main pillars of the left 3. The SJW Community Admit They’re Monsters 4. 4 leftist strategies the right should emulate 5. College Awards $100,000 Prize To “Innovator For Social Justice” 6. How to respond to threats of […]

Leftism (6)

Leftism (6) 1. America Divided: “Summer Of Rage” Accelerates 2. “Tone Policing” And The Left’s Anger Privelege 3. Pamela Geller: the coming civil war between left and America 4. The liberal reign of terror is coming to an end 5. The argument for adopting leftist tactics to defeat the left 6. Anti-Trump Patagonia clothing company […]

The Berkeley Riot 2017 (4)

The Berkeley Riot 2017 (4) 15-04-2017 A beautiful fucking day 1. BAMN Are A Violent Cult 2. Berkeley BAMN Cult & Who Is Really Behind It Articles 3. College Republicans’ Lawyer Suggests Deploying National Guard If Mayor of Berkeley Cannot Maintain Order 4. Intimidation Is the New Normal on Campus 5. Those ‘Snowflakes’ Have Chilling […]

The Berkeley Riot 2017 (3)

The Berkeley Riot 2017 (3) 15-04-2017 A beautiful fucking day 1. Antifa Commie Girl Gets Taste of Gender Equality At Berkeley 2. The Battle Of Berkeley 3.0 With Based Stickman 3. But Star Wars Taught Me Women Are Just As Strong As Men?!?!?!?!? 4. Gavin McInnes: In Berkeley, We Took Back the Culture 5. JUDGMENT […]

The Berkeley Riot 2017 (2)

The Berkeley Riot 2017 (2) 15-04-2017 A beautiful fucking day 1. What do they want? Antifa and the Battle for Berkeley 2. Berkeley Pro Free Speech Protesters Chase Out AntiFA 3. Is Civil War Coming? Berkeley Police Bravely Do Nothing! 4. Discussing Berkeley with WeAreChange 5. Trump Supporters chase Antifa down the street at FREE […]

Historia del socialismo (2)

Historia del socialismo (2) Unos artículos desordenados sobre la historia del socialismo, principalmente, en Rusia y en España. Rusia y otros países 1. El sorprendente derrumbe del ‘Imperio del Mal’ 2. 1917-2017: 100 años de la revolución bolchevique 3. Sánchez Mato dice que en la “hermosa” Revolución rusa “murieron cinco personas” 4. Las violaciones en […]

Dr. Jordan Peterson (2)

Dr. Jordan Peterson (2) 1. Dr. Jordan Peterson – Western University – London Ontario 2. Tyranny, one tiny step at a time – How ideology, group identity & collective guilt destroy societies 3. Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson ROUND TWO – Science, Religion, & Meaning _ Part 1 4. Joe Rogan Experience #877 – Jordan […]

Dr. Jordan Peterson

Dr. Jordan Peterson 1. Jordan Peterson DESTROYS SJW & Feminists 2. Jordan Peterson Destroys SJW Professor on Gender Pronouns and Censorship 3. Jordan Peterson vs Biology Denier 4. Where Do SJWs Come From? 5. Jordan Peterson Destroys Gender Denying Idealogue 6. Jordan Peterson Asked About Safe Spaces & White Privilege 7. The Best of Dr. […]