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Robots (10) 1. What is a robot sex doll, why has a Barcelona brothel replaced women with blow-up dolls and how much do they cost? 2. Campaign Against Sex Robots 3. Do MGTOW Dream of Electric Chicks 4. TL;DR – The Feminist Outrage at Sexbots 5. Robot automation can fill grocery orders in minutes, dramatically […]

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Robots (9) 1. What’s Wrong With The Robot Tax? 2. U.S. military to have more ROBOT soldiers than human by the year 2025 3. Doctors about to be replaced by hospital AI systems offering better diagnosis and less arrogance 4. Lo que hay detrás de los robots y no se atreven a contarte 5. Robot […]

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Robots (8) 1. Amazon’s Phone-Charging Robot Will Spare You The Indignity Of Talking To Strangers 2. TEPCO Sacrifices Another “Swimming Robot” At Fukushima: Still “No Sign Of Melted Nuclear Core” 3. Welcome To The Era Of Artificial Intelligence And Technological Deceit 4. The rise of hyper-realistic sex robots and the end of humanity 5. Meet […]

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Robots (7) 1. Will Robot Pizzamakers Help Revive American Productivity? 2. Why female sex robots are more dangerous than you think 3. Beat that traffic ticket with the help of the world’s first robot lawyer 4. Elon Musk Unveils Apocalyptic Vision For The World 5. Robots Are Inventing Their Own Languages; The Programming And Design […]

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Robots (6) 1. Automation’s Destruction Of Jobs: You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet… 2. Trump Trade Tsar Warns Of “Cataclysmic” Consequences If China Gets “Market” Status 3. McDonalds Is Replacing 2,500 Human Cashiers With Digital Kiosks: Here Is Its Math 4. America’s First Robot Bar Opens In Vegas: “Perfect Pours Every Time” 5. Insect-killing “laser battle […]

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Robots (5) 1. A.I. Self-Preservation: When Machines Determine We’re a Threat 2. Que paguen los robots, hala 3. Dubai’s First “Robocop” Reports For Duty 4. Human farmers obsolete? Drones and driverless tractors are being used to harvest crops autonomously 5. Scientists developing laser robot that can zap weeds without using pesticides 6. “Robots, Drones” Mean […]

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Robots (4) Robots are racist and sexist. Just like the people who created them La aparición del asunto de los robots sólo ha acabado siendo otra oportunidad para que los izquierdistas hagan el ridículo. Lo hicieron con los impuestos y han seguido haciéndolo con el marxismo cultural. La ridícula pretensión del artículo es hacernos creer […]

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Robots (3) 1. El problema de la robotización es el paro. Pero, la robotización ya existía , ¿no?. ¿Quién ha sido quien no ha querido ver la evolución y la tendencia? ¿Quién ha sido quien no ha querido estar informado? 2. Los actores en este drama son varios: el gobierno, los medios de propaganda, la […]

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Robots (2) 1. Guardian Warns Automation May Lead To Class Warfare And Genocide 2. Robots keep “dying” from radiation in Fukushima, making the nuclear fallout investigation impossible 3. ROBOPOCALYPSE: The Coming Leftist Panic on The Robot Economy 4. Hayward: Burger-Flipping Robots Know the True Minimum Wage Is Always Zero 5. Automation Threatens Jobs But Offers […]


Robots Se les ha olvidado apuntar a Microsoft como una empresa a la que cobrar buenos impuestos por tener robots. Los izquierdistas tampoco se acordaron de los robots de bolsa ni de los robots policía. En ese caso habría que cobrar impuestos al Estado. Y este asunto nos lleva a otro asunto. Ya estamos cansados […]