#MeToo (15)

#MeToo (15) 1. Shitty Media Women 2. Españolas contra el #MeToo: «Hay que acabar con la victimización de la mujer» 3. Women should ALWAYS be believed? What about these 35 times men were falsely accused of rape? 4. 35 Times Men Were Falsely Accused Of Sexual Assault 5. Why are faceless accusations allowed to end […]

#MeToo (14)

#MeToo (14) 1. To Kill a #MeTooBird (Parody) | Louder With Crowder 2. #MeToo Is a ‘Movement Toward Victimization,’ G.O.P. Senate Candidate Says 3. Spurned seductress was allowed to ruin my life, claims academic Theodore Piepenbrock (52) 4. A Window Into Hell Itself! Leftist Dating Nightmares… 5. News: Mainstreet MGTOW (TFM 42O) 6. Human resources […]

#MeToo (13)

#MeToo (13) 1. News: #MeToo Retreat To Beat Who? (TFM 42O) 2. Woman who raped student sues him for “defamation” 3. Woman Arrested For Falsely Accusing Trump Supporting Teens Of Crime, Police Say 4. Christine Blasey Ford and the #MeToo Shuffle 5. #MeToo liars were smearing men like Judge Kavanaugh 3,000 years ago 6. I […]

#MeToo (12)

#MeToo (12) 1. Líder de ME TOO, acusada de abuso a un menor. 2. Sale a la luz una imagen de Asia Argento en la cama con Jimmy Bennett 3. News: Asia is Burning (TFM 42O) 4. Lindsay Lohan Says Women Who Speak Out About #MeToo Experiences ‘Look Weak’ 5. Asia Argento y la hipocresía […]

#MeToo (11)

#MeToo (11) 1. News: Never Negotiate With #MeToo-rists 2. The #MeToo Suicides 3. Michael Kimmel. Just another Harvey Weinstein #MeToo 4. #wokesplaining: welcome to the dark side 5. Dear Young Men 6. #MeToo Backlash In Corporate Canada Sees Women Locked Out 7. Asia Argento, voz clave del caso Weinstein, pagó a un menor para no […]

#MeToo (10)

#MeToo (10) 1. Ligar no es delito (Video) 2. Neomonjas y linchamientos: Castelo e Izal (Video) 3. Metoo? #NotMe! 4. Knickers to the lot of you, says professor in row over lingerie joke 5. How my lame joke saw me fall foul of the campus zealots 6. The Working Man’s Survival Guide | Redonkulas.com (Video) […]

#MeToo (9)

#MeToo (9) 1. #MeToo Comes For Doctors – TFF episode 76 2. An International Women’s Day PSA 3. Who are men’s rights activists? (Documentary) 4. Register-her.net: It’s here. #MeToo #MenToo 5. Entitled millennial snowflake get owned by hotel owner 6. DeAnna on TV: #MeToo is a WITCH HUNT thats Killing Men, Women & Dating! 7. […]

MeToo (8)

MeToo (8) 1. Melanie Phillips: Feminists are set on making us all victims 2. Post-Truth Feminist Storytelling 3. Chippendales: Do male strippers feel objectified? 4. Women Love to Objectify Themselves: Here’s Why Y mientras tanto, esto pasó en España. Más que nada, para que lo sepan los extranjeros. 1. Indignante mensaje de la feminista Leticia […]

#MeToo (7)

#MeToo (7) 1. Clare Foges: Face it, sexual exploitation can cut both ways 2. Janice Fiamengo Critiques #MeToo and Feminism 3. ‘Me Too’ Leads to Women Being Shunned in the Office 4. RACHEL JOHNSON: Women’s Day? I want a Royal Society for the protection of MEN 5. The Presidents Club Fiasco and the #MeToo movement […]

The Presidents Club farce

The Presidents Club farce 1. This isn’t about morality – it’s an all-out assault on masculinity 2. Naomi Firsht: Presidents Club row has got totally out of proportion 3. The Nontroversy Of The #PresidentsClub (@miss_marriage) 4. Presidents Club: Scandal-hit charity dinner organiser quits post 5. Madison Marriage, FT ‘journalist’, in her day job… wearing a […]