Solteras (10)

Solteras (10)

ATENCIÓN. QUE VIENEN MOMENTOS DIFÍCLES*. Y como ya se sabe y como dicen en otros países: «When times get tough the skirts get shorter». Princesitas. SiííííííííIIiii. PrincessitassssSSSsss. 😉 🙂

*Por si alguien no se ha dado cuenta todavía.

A. Hijos
B. Madres solteras
C. Filtrar, seleccionar y discriminar
D. El “convencionalismo” de la diferencia de edad en una pareja
E. Mercado
F. Game
G. Dating
H. Cheating
J. Women don’t assimilate
K. Women Start Paying For Feminism
L. Mantener una relación
M. Teach Women How to Have a Normal Relationship

A. Hijos
VID Baby Bust Accelerates Nine Months After Lockdowns
Biden’s “land management” czar says there are too many people, calls children an “environmental hazard”
DEPOPULATION ALERT: Shocking new study reveals covid vaccine TERMINATES 4 out of 5 pregnancies via “spontaneous abortions”
Dr. Peter McCullough: Covid vaccines are killing babies in the first trimester at an astonishing rate… an “atrocity” to vaccinate expectant mothers
Un colectivo okupa apoyado por Podemos monta una guardería en el centro de Madrid
A prisión una enfermera por avisar de la infidelidad de una embarazada
Crushing The «Struggling Women Can’t Work Due To Childcare Crisis» Narrative Once And For All
Europa necesita 60 millones de inmigrantes para sobrevivir
Chinese city announces cash handouts to encourage more childbirths
Men Built Civilization in 5000 Years. Will Women Destroy It In 100? – MGTOW
Should we Celebrate Unmarried, Childless Women?
The Tragedy of Katie Glass
Men, Live in THESE States if You Want Children
Bezos-owned Washington Post changes style guide in attempt to erase motherhood from history of mankind
‘We’re not domestic terrorists’: Parents’ group leader hits back after Biden DOJ ‘declared a war on parents’
A Global Fertility Crisis – Dr. Shanna Swan
Declining birth rates
Madrid tiene el mercado laboral más feminista de España: el 49,3% de sus trabajadores son mujeres
Ayuso casi cuadruplica las ayudas a la natalidad en sus primeros Presupuestos para Madrid

B. Madres solteras
Single mothers who act like their daughters
«SINGLE MOM Was CHEATING On Me With 3 Other MEN» | Man Shares His Experience
Single Moms Raising Boys as Girls

C. Filtrar, seleccionar y discriminar
Party Girls Make TERRIBLE Wives #Shorts

D. El “convencionalismo” de la diferencia de edad en una pareja
1. Myron Told Them Men Prefer Younger Hotter Girls!
2. Divorced & Dating a Younger Woman
3. Old man with younger women
4. Her Sexual History is Your Concern
5. Ask her WHY she broke up with her ex
6. You know it’s bad when even mom is disappointed with her choices.

E. Mercado
1. Single Women Are A MYTH
2. This New Study Makes Women Look SO BAD!
3. The Function of Casual Sex Action and Inaction Regret: A Longitudinal Investigation
4. Why MARRIAGES Don’t Work Anymore
6. Asking Women What They Bring To The Table pt.1
7. Asking Women What They Bring To The Table pt.2
9. The Dominant Man (Texas Dom CME Speech)
10. If This Woman Looks «Special» To You WATCH THIS
11. Una joven valenciana no puede subir al autobús por llevar un top demasiado corto
12. Why men with female friends are a turn-off
13. BEWARE! There’s 3 Sides To Every Woman
14. The Most Depressing Graph EVER!
Hombres bajos… altura
15. Finding a woman to date without red flags is impossible, no wonder men won’t date them.
16. How To Be a CONFIDENT Man
17. Wow! She Actually Answered Honestly…
18. Stop Telling Women How To Behave
19. PUA – Thy Frame is Lame
20. Do you care too much about being a HIGH VALUE male?
21. Men who mumble like Marlon Brando when talking are ‘more attractive to women’
22. WHEN IT BENEFITS THEM: Rules of Modern Dating & Understanding Women «It’s Complicated»
23. Why Are So Many Billionaires Plugged in Betas?
24. Women Patrol Each Other
25. Do Indian Women Want Beta Males?
27. Most Men Don’t Understand This Simple Fact
28. Women Are Not As Pretty As You Think
29. Aging Spinster Seeks Tall Man to Divorce | Ride and Roast

F. Game
1. Rich Man Does Poor With Women, Asks Why…
2. There’s Only ONE Sole Reason to Get Married Today

G. Dating
Don’t Date Damaged Goods | Popp Culture
Feminism is making it hard to date
Two Mistakes Men Make Dating YOUNGER Women
Why Guys Dont Approach Women! @The Rational Male
TUA # 7 – Advanced Dating Skills
PUA – Thy Frame is Lame
Late-Stage Feminism and the Rise of the PUA
Un joven chino consigue novia en línea, pero en vez de conocerlo en persona manda a ‘su tía’ y lo estafan durante 3 años
Men STOP Making This Dating Mistake With Women #shorts
Men see the lost cause of dating, will it actually cause society to fall apart?
Here is the article I referenced.
The Book of Numbers: Analyzing the ROI on the Pursuit of Women
TUA # 16 – How To Date Multiple Women Simultaneously

H. Cheating
1. Woman REGRETS Leaving The Man Of Her Dreams

J. Women don’t assimilate
1. Women brag about using men to level up. No shame about it
2. This Is Why WOMEN Are So UNHAPPY Today
3. Imagine finding out your wife of 5 years did this to you?
4. Spinal surgeon divorces his beauty queen wife because she ‘led a secret life as a high-end hooker earning $700,000’
5. 40 Year old Lady Gets a Dose of Equality on First Bumble Date | The Foo*ishness of Bumble
6. Why Women Are Not The Prize | Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man
7. More BS from GB News. Alex Phillips: “Today, we need to talk about misogyny”
8. The Shocking Reason Why So Many Women Today Are Single
9. The Old Goose And Gander Routine
10. If She Uses THIS, She’s 100% Cheating On You… (Accept It)
12. You’re Not Husband Material? Good! | Popp Culture
13. New Tinder user swipe data shows women only want…the top 1% of men

K. Women Start Paying For Feminism
1. Cops say people who stood and watched illegal immigrant ‘rape woman on Philly SEPTA train while they filmed his attack’ won’t face charges for not intervening
2. Tous Les Garçons Et Les Filles
3. Francoise Hardy: Ma Jeunesse Fout L’camp (1967)

L. Mantener una relación
No Woman Should Have “Maintenance Sex” with her Husband
No woman should ever have to have ‘maintenance sex’ with her husband
Maintenance sex: why you should do it with your man — even when you’re not in the mood

M. Teach Women How to Have a Normal Relationship
When Women Create Drama, Do This…
Myron Debunked Her 1% Fantasy!
Redhead Girl Tried To Pull A Misogyny Card On Us!
Debate on why women that withhold s*x from their man are useless
@Prince Donnell a S*mp? Men are trash? w/ 7 Girls
99% Of Women Think They Are «High Value» (They Aren’t)
This Is Why «Alpha Females» Fail At Relationships! @SRT BREE
@Kevin Samuels vs 3 Ladies (Fresh&Fit Afterhours)
Kevin Samuels:
Donovan Sharpe:
Rollo Tomassi: Clarey:

Fresh&Fit v 13 girls
You Won’t Believe What This Woman Admits!
From feminist to getting married.
Female Delusion Calculator
A woman who dresses provocatively
These Chicks Got Triggered After Myron Said It!
This Chick Doesn’t Believe In Traditional Roles!
Double standards
Women buy when you lie
Women don’t assimilate
Women don’t assimilate (2)
The Roommates
We don’t negotiate with terrorists
Important Things We Learned Since Starting The Podcast
Men Prefer Younger Hotter Girls!
Masculine women
Most women want traditional men, while not being traditional women.
What do women have to do for men to be loyal?
Men and women show loyalty differently.
Quick Analogy on How men view sex.
Men Prefer These Kind Of Women!
Chicks Don’t Realize When They’re F***ing Up!
The «#MeToo» and «#BelieveAllWomen» Era
Links& Studies used in Broadcast:
Train women like a dog
Don’t spend money on women
Pay gap and communism
Woman for sale
Are Modern Women Delusional With Standards?
Myron Lays the FACTS on the Table!
Toxic masculinity
High Value Man Roasts Woman! @Mr_Organik
Pay gap / Wage gap
Women are completely useless (in certain circumstances)
Female engineers / Pay gap
Mental gap and reproductive rights
Women are mentally and intellectually superior
¿Pueden tenerse más pajaritos en la cabeza de los que tiene esta princesita?
The reason why
Why Platonic Female Friends are Useless
This is how a lot of beautiful women operate
Tell women NO
High value women / wife material. What makes a woman attractive.
Women are the victims, always, wherever, however and whenever.
Anti-slut defence
Women should be grateful for not being treated equal
Paul Elam
Paul Elam
Overcoming Women’s Relational Aggression
If men are willing to give up their lives for women then women should give up their freedom
I am not going to give you the key to the lock like openly / Women are rarely honest about
They Couldn’t Understand This Simple Concept!
do you eat the box with every partner?
Girls have no rights
Women with promiscous past
She Belongs To The STREETS
The truth
If She Uses THIS, She’s 100% Cheating On You… (Accept It)
Deep Down You Know This Fact About Being A High Value Man