La pandemia en tiempos de pandemia (3)

La pandemia en tiempos de pandemia (3)

1. Otro estudio muestra —de nuevo— que los confinamientos no funcionan
2. ¡Hoppe sobre los confinamientos!
3. Errores médicos y el culto a la experticia en la era del covid
4. La depresión del covid y la «inseguridad alimentaria»
5. Covid-19 y el problema del cálculo socialista
6. El lado bueno de los confinamientos: más ahorro
7. Las normas de confinamiento de Pensilvania eran arbitrarias, incoherentes y políticas
8. Casi un año después, aún no hay pruebas demostrando que los gobiernos pueden controlar la propagación del covid-19
9. Los colegios públicos se niegan a abrir. Devuelvan el dinero a los contribuyentes.
10. In Some Countries, Lockdowns May Be the «New Normal»
11. Dijeron que las cosas irían mucho peor en los estados sin confinamientos. Se equivocaron.
12. Los programas de vacunas de Europa son tan exitosos como sus confinamientos
13. Los confinamientos son más devastadores económicamente que el distanciamiento social voluntario
14. Los «virus mentales» creando guerreros de la justicia social
15. Texas finalizó los confinamientos y los mandatos de máscara. Ahora los estados confinados son donde el covid está creciendo más
16. La convergencia Estado-corporativa en nuestro estado de emergencia
17. Ni siquiera Gretchen Whitmer quiere más confinamientos del CDC
18. 12 mitos que alimentan la extralimitación del gobierno en tiempo de crisis
19. ¿Por qué no hay correlación entre mascarillas, confinamientos y supresión del covid?
20. Vaccine Passports and Medical Paternalism
21. How Covid Put an End to Your Right to Due Process

En tiempos de pandemia
1. Abortion is the leading cause of death during the coronavirus, killing 37 million worldwide
2. El Covid desvela que 2 de cada 3 partos en Melilla era de marroquíes que se aprovechaban de la sanidad española
3. BBC Tells People to Wear Face Masks During Sex
4. El transexualismo en tiempos de pandemia
5. Los hosteleros en tiempos de pandemia
6. La pequeña edad de hielo en tiempos de pandemia
7. El derecho a la propiedad privada en tiempos de pandemia
8. Las colas del hambre de las prostitutas: «La crisis es el covid y este Ministerio de Igualdad»
9. El invierno en tiempos de pandemia
10. La pobreza intelectual en tiempos de pandemia
11. La invasión en tiempos de pandemia
12. La operación salvar al soldado izquierdismo en tiempos de pandemia (5)

1. Female leaders found to be no better in Covid crisis
2. Violence Against Men Is A Pervasive Problem (A Video In Two Parts)
3. Pink Recession Turns Blue

1. What No One Is Saying About The Lockdowns
2. Top 10 absurd COVID rules, regulations and mandates
3. Cómo la izquierda utiliza las «crisis de salud pública» para conseguir lo que quiere
4. Locuras pandémicas: la tiranía no nos mantendrá a salvo
5. El segundo acto será peor que el primero: los confinamientos no son la respuesta
6. Washington State has inflated its COVID-19 death toll, analysis of death certificates concludes
7. El informativo-propaganda de TVE sobre la vacuna tuvo menos audiencia que la Misa de La 2
8. Twelve Times the Lockdowners Were Wrong
9. France Forced To POSTPONE ‘Health Dictatorship’ Vaccine Legislation
10. Nagoya: Japan’s Strange Lockdowns 2021: A Walk Through
11. Statistician: Lockdowns Don’t Work Because They Force People to Congregate in Fewer Places
12. Egyptian hospital under investigation after video of nurses scrambling to keep coronavirus patients alive goes viral
13. What They Said About Lockdowns Before 2020
14. Putting The Cost Of COVID-19 In Perspective
15. What If the Coronavirus Had Spread Without Detection?
16. Large-scale study finds that masking students is ineffective and a form of child abuse
17. COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020 caused temporary global warming, study shows
18. Las medidas de salud pública, como los mandatos de mascarilla, conducen a resultados imprevistos e impredecibles
19. Top 10 hypocritical SCHOOL RULES during Covid
20. Remote working fleeing to $70,000-per-month foreign resorts to avoid coronavirus lockdown
21. Report: States that imposed lockdown have more COVID-19 deaths per million compared to no-lockdown states
22. Lockdowns, masks destroying mental health of children and young people
23. Los Angeles descends into wasteland of defunct businesses because residents have failed to break out of lockdown
24. Hague court declares Dutch coronavirus lockdowns “illegitimate, far-reaching violation”
25. Image Shows School Band ‘Socially Distanced’ Inside Human Tents
26. Swiss Will Vote in Referendum on Government’s Emergency COVID-19 Measures
27. Visualized: Key Events in the COVID-19 Timeline
28. Europe Stays in Lockdown Mode
29. Five-star hotel denied £250,000 insurance claim as it was covered for “plague” but not COVID-19
30. Another Plandemic? P1 said to be “a different pandemic from the one we saw last year” – Brazil is the target
31. Emergency VACCINE ALERT edition: Situation Update, March 16, 2021
32. Los inhumanos campos de cuarentena en China: encierran a miles de familias en cubículos de plástico
33. Science: It’s the lockdowns causing “excess deaths,” not coronavirus
34. More “Covid Suicides” than Covid Deaths in Kids
35. Lockdowns Worsen The Health Crisis
36. MA middle school science teacher identified as member of ANTIFA who berated cops and children at anti-lockdown protest
37. If lockdowns and masks really are necessary to protect lives, then why isn’t everyone in Florida and Texas already DEAD?
38. Suecia tiene un 60% menos de fallecidos que España y sin aplicar confinamientos
39. Why the Silence in the Face of Covid Tyranny?
40. Video: Diners Chant “Get Out” as Health Officials Try to Shut Down Restaurant
41. The Lockdown Paradigm Is Collapsing
42. El Gobierno de Melilla (Cs) modifica su toque de queda para que los musulmanes puedan rezar por Ramadán
43. Ceuta también adapta el toque de queda para que los musulmanes puedan hacer el primer rezo
44. Attorney sues CDC and HHS over Covid-19 tyranny, urges Americans to resist
45. Over 200 doctors call for global vitamin D distribution because it inexpensively reduces covid infections, hospitalizations and deaths
46. Health Ranger posts new microscopy photos of covid swabs, covid masks and mysterious red and blue fibers
47. Top 10 Absurdities of the COVID Pandemic
48. May 1st Anti-Lockdown Protests in Ireland

1. A prepper’s guide to surviving a power grid attack
2. A survival guide for non-preppers: Stockpile must-haves and 10 kinds of people you need in your group when SHTF
3. Food storage basics: Avoiding the downsides of canning your own food
4. Here’s How to Prep for 2021
5. 21 New Rules for 2021
6. Fifteen HARD lessons I learned from the “Texageddon” blackouts and collapse of critical infrastructure
7. Here’s How 30 Preppers Have Adapted And What They Foresee Happening Next
8. Build a survival dental kit to maintain dental hygiene even when SHTF
9. Bug out survival planning: Prepping a bug-out bag in less than an hour
10. EMP survival: 4 Ways to protect your home from an EMP attack
11. Survival 101: How to protect yourself against chemical weapons without survival gear
12. Thirdworldization: The Slow Burning SHTF of America
13. 8 Skills you need to learn if you want to become self-sufficient in the wilderness
14. 7 prepping projects that you can work on this spring

1. The only thing Covid-19 test kits are good for is illegally collecting and surveilling human DNA
2. Swiss doctors ask patients over 60 to sign “Do Not Resuscitate” order in advance
3. Mark of the beast? UN rolls out biometric digital ID wallet and passport
4. U.K. announces that passports will soon include vaccine stamps
5. Democrats say it’s okay to vote without ID, but you must have a vaccine ID to walk around society
6. Ontario top health officials caught on hot mic prior to COVID briefing: ‘I just say whatever they write down for me’
7. Believe women … unless they tell the truth about vaccines, then label them “conspiracy theorists”
8. French Law Would Ban People Who Don’t Get COVID Vaccine From Using Public Transport
9. British Government Contracts Firms To Make COVID ‘Freedom Passports’
10. German Geneticist Says People Who Refuse COVID Vaccine Should be Denied Medical Treatment
11. Una doctora inglesa sostiene que la nueva cepa «no es algo tan alarmante como se ha dicho»
12. Who’s murdering all the COVID scientists?
13. El director de la OMS advierte que habrá futuras pandemias: «Esta no será la última»
14. COVID-1984: WHO changes official definition of “herd” immunity to remove natural immunity
15. UK Woman Arrested For Filming Inside Empty Hospital
16. If you want to travel next year, you may need a vaccine passport
17. OUTRAGE: Federal judge orders group that exposed sale of baby body parts to pay millions to Planned Parenthood
18. Lesbian attorney general: Punish any lawyer challenging election
19. Oxford-AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine experiment is tied to eugenics-linked institutions
20. Es el mayor ENGAÑO. Covid-19
21. Sterilisation
22. Mapped: The Top Surveillance Cities Worldwide
23. Fauci says forced coronavirus vaccination “on the table” as requirement for travel, education
24. Mainstream media telling men to freeze their sperm before receiving coronavirus vaccine
25. Virus expert claims coronavirus pandemic is “the greatest hoax” ever perpetrated on the world
26. New World Next Year 2021
27. The Future of Vaccines
28. The Rise of World Socialism
29. The Rise of World Socialism Part II: United Nations, Climate Change and One World Government
30. COVID-19: The Emergence of the Pandemic Industrial Complex
31. EU Leaders Demand ‘Standardised’ Vaccine Passport For Travel
32. Las grandes aerolíneas mundiales implantarán en marzo el Travel Pass de IATA para facilitar los viajes
33. Why Hardly Anyone Trusts The Virus Experts
34. Coronavirus plandemic finalized merger between Big Tech and Big Pharma
35. Barrage Of New Countries And Airlines To Adopt Vaccine Passports
36. The Empirical Case For A Mask Mandate Lacks Scientific Grounding
37. Major Tour Operator Refuses To Book Holidays For The Unvaccinated
38. EU Set to Implement Bloc-Wide Vaccine Passport Standard
39. Major Tour Operator Refuses To Book Holidays For The Unvaccinated
40. That’s All Folks!
41. Boston College pushing students to snitch on each other over coronavirus protocol violations
42. IT’S A SCAM: Communist China is collecting American DNA through coronavirus testing
43. Gunpoint medicine: FEMA asks Pentagon to enforce coronavirus vaccination efforts, with soldiers being armed with needles
44. Factory workers in France forced to wear “dog collars” to ensure social distancing
45. YouTube censors over 500,000 videos to protect globalist COVID-19 hysteria narrative
46. Psychological manipulation: Media says rich people are cutting ahead of you to get coronavirus vaccines
47. German parliament advances Mark of the Beast with “Agenda ID2020” ratification
48. Realizar compras con tarjeta superiores a 30 euros requerirá una doble verificación
49. GMO Food and GMO Vaccines – Humans are becoming disease-manufacturing machines
50. Democrats’ climate agenda will mimic their COVID tyranny
51. The “great zero carbon” conspiracy
52. Yearly COVID-19 shots might be needed by everyone, Johnson & Johnson CEO now conveniently claims
53. LAPDOG: Marco Rubio unveils law that would ban guns for anyone ever investigated for ‘domestic terrorism’
54. Big Brother Is Spying On You In Thousands Of Ways, And All Of That Info Now Goes Into Centralized «Fusion Systems»
55. Berkeley’s draconian COVID-19 restrictions look more like prison than college
56. German parliament ratifies Agenda ID2020 and Bill Gates’ “vaccination package” for global depopulation
57. Corporations pushing mandatory coronavirus vaccines for customers, not just employees
58. Genocide: People with learning disabilities ARE NOT resuscitated in England if they have symptoms of COVID-19
59. A question for leftists: Why are all the evil people on your side?
60. Indonesia capital warns of big fines for refusing COVID-19 vaccine
61. Exclusive: White House working with Facebook and Twitter to tackle anti-vaxxers
62. Just Charts of Demographics…with Multiple Variables (or hot topics for your next cocktail party)
63. WHO green-lights mRNA vaccine experimentation on pregnant women and newborn infants
64. The ZeroCovid Movement: Cult Dressed as Science
65. Biden reinstates funding to WHO, sends $200 million American taxpayer dollars to corrupt body that lied about coronavirus
66. Galicia aprueba este martes la ley que multa por negarse a recibir la vacuna de la Covid
67. The Vaccine (Dis)Information War
68. Designed to KILL: Democrats demand that FDA cancel safety rules for abortion drug to make baby murder more accessible
69. Enormous COVID-19 database funded by Google compiles individual infection data, tracks travel history and 40 other variables
70. Here’s what you need to know about the anti-family Equality Act
71. Trump y su mujer se vacunaron contra el coronavirus antes de abandonar la Casa Blanca
72. The vaccine IS the pandemic: 80% of nuns vaccinated at Kentucky convent tested positive for coronavirus two days later
73. Lawyers prepare second round of Nuremburg Trials to prosecute all who perpetuated the global coronavirus scam
74. LAUSD to launch COVID-tracking app that generates a code for students to enter campus
75. ‘Freedom Bracelet’ Tracking Device Launched As Alternative To Quarantine
76. Do we need a vaccine “bill of rights,” or does the Constitution already protect health freedom?
77. Right Side Broadcasting censored MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell for warning about coronavirus vaccines
78. Pro-vaccine media is just a front for the CIA
79. The COVID fraud will not stay hidden forever
80. MEDICAL TYRANNY accelerates as COVID “passports” set to go live in March
81. Gretchen Whitmer conspired with former top health official to inflate coronavirus case numbers in exchange for cash
82. More Than 200,000 Sign Petition Against Vaccine Passports
83. Guardian Promotes ‘Global Lockdown’ Every Two Years To Combat Climate Change
84. Naomi Wolf: We’ve reached ‘step ten’ of the 10 steps to socialism
85. Israel proposes tracking bracelets instead of mandatory quarantine for incoming travelers
86. Medical apartheid: Israel imposes “green passport” program barring unvaccinated from participation in society
87. BOMBSHELL report – Same tech industry that powered Holocaust computational machines now backing VACCINE compliance tracking and food allowance
88. Video: Fauci And Chuck Todd Say More Pandemics Coming Because Of Climate Change
89. Biden regime now working with big tech to stifle all dissent to COVID-19 vaccine
90. VACCINE PRISON CAMP: LA schools to track students using Microsoft’s “Daily Pass” tracking app
91. Norwegian media says some people “have to die” from coronavirus vaccines as a sacrifice to humanity
92. Israel passes law mandating new arriving passengers wear TRACKING BRACELETS during quarantine period
93. OBEY: Americans vaccinated for coronavirus to be monitored and tracked by Google and Oracle for the next two years
94. COVID-19 is code for eliminating masculinity and advancing feminism … next “treatment” involves injecting men with female hormones
95. GAVI Vaccine Alliance: The source of terror behind global lockdowns and vaccine coercion
96. Oregon wants to make COVID-19 restrictions permanent and track all vaccine refusers
97. Scientist Says Plastic Pollution is Shrinking Penises, Will Make Most Men Infertile by 2045
98. Miscarriages skyrocket 366% in six weeks due to Covid vaccines
99. British scientists slam US vaccine watchdog for exposing AstraZeneca’s science fraud, claims people should be kept in the dark
100. La comunista que pidió usar el Covid para «reventar» el capitalismo entra en la lista de Iglesias
101. Pfizer already targeting American pre-teen and young teenage girls ages 12 to 15 for population reduction and sterilization experiment known as mRNA
102. The “Unvaccinated” Question
103. Globalism created the Covid terrorist operation to trigger Great Reset: Italygate still the scandal that can foil the NWO plans
104. TWISTED: Biden regime wants to mandate COVID-19 “vaccine passport” for all Americans but continues to oppose voter ID
105. Divide and conquer now fully in play! The globalists ‘mass extermination endgame’ is at hand with Democrats wanting to throw the unvaccinated into ‘leper colonies’
106. Fascist left-wing tyrant Dr. Leana Wen says on CNN that “freedom” should be withheld from the American people until they surrender to being vaccinated
107. WEF globalist Klaus Schwab declares unvaccinated people to be a threat to humanity
108. Sánchez exige a los embajadores una «política exterior feminista» en pleno descrédito de España
109. BOMBSHELL: Bill Gates prepped his worshipers for plandemic of bio-terrorism originating as a “virus crossover” from monkeys and bats
110. KNOCK KNOCK: Detroit will send government workers door-to-door to pressure residents to get vaccinated… what could go wrong?
111. 2017 Report Says Covid Vaccines are Toxic
112. European human rights court: compulsory vaccinations are “necessary” and don’t violate human rights, no matter what’s in the vaccine
113. Tyrant Mark Zuckerberg to SHAME unvaccinated people on Facebook by publicly labeling them
114. Could mRNA vaccines permanently alter DNA? Recent science suggests they might.
115. Vaccine Passports were the secret plan behind the totalitarian lockdowns all along
116. Does getting vaccinated for Covid-19 make a woman infertile?
117. Dumb unto death

118. 18 reasons I won’t be getting a COVID vaccine
119. World Economic Forum hints at global cyber “pandemic” this summer to facilitate “great reset”
120. We are now entering full-blown tyranny in the Western world
121. Chipped “smart masks” that are traceable and trackable are the ultimate globalist control mechanism
122. The Pentagon has developed an implantable covid microchip – a blood surveillance system used to control people
123. Top 10 LIES about COVID-19 that at least half of all Americans actually believe

124. Los Angeles police are force-vaccinating special needs children in heinous “Operation Homebound” program that resembles Nazi euthanasia of the retarded
125. Vaccine Passports vs. Freedom Itself
126. Exiled Gynecologist Reveals Details of China’s Forced Sterilization of Uyghur Women
127. Más de 80 sociedades científicas lanzan un manifiesto a los políticos: «No paren la vacunación»
128. Blue State laws will NEVER END for masks, social distancing and forced vaccination
129. Forging Vaccine Passports – #SolutionsWatch
130. Reprogramming Females: Sterilization of most US girls and women is the next phase for mRNA vaccine “technology”
131. New Army policies target service members who refuse to get inoculated with coronavirus vaccine
132. Mass shootings reappear during leftist push to disarm America
133. American judges removing children from parental custody for not wearing a mask
134. Fake climate change WARNING issued by IEA, blaming post-Covid re-opening of small and medium-sized businesses for 5% spike in CO2 emissions
135. Public health ‘experts’ push to inject COVID-19 vaccine into pregnant women
136. The Covidian Cult
137. The Covidian Cult (Part II)
138. Still Believe Digital Vaccine Passports Are Something Made Up By Conspiracy Theorists?
139. The Reasons Why Leftists Will Never Successfully Disarm Americans
140. Canadian City Offers COVID Shots To «Black And Other Racialized Populations»
141. Globalist next move in the Marxist playbook: Ostracize the unvaccinated like Hitler ostracized the Jews
142. IBM, which provided punch card computing systems to power the Holocaust, now in charge of “vaccine passports”
143. Leftist professors propose stripping Christians of their rights for refusing to get vaccinated for Covid-19
144. What’s next on the ABSURD Covid-19 “medical” technology chopping block?
145. The Global Deep State: A New World Order Brought to You by COVID-19
146. UK church leaders sign open letter to British PM Boris Johnson opposing vaccine passports
147. German microbiologist calls coronavirus pandemic a “fake”
148. Germany’s Domestic Spy Agency is Monitoring Anti-Lockdown Protesters
149. MINISTRY OF TRUTH: 12 state attorneys general demand Big Tech platforms eliminate all speech from people injured by vaccines
150. INVESTIGATION: Canadian government PAYING private companies to imprison new workers in covid quarantine camps against their will
151. Watchdog groups call out Biden regime for interfering with Mexico’s decision to ban glyphosate, GMO corn
152. The COVID-19 extinction level event
153. The Covid-19 extinction level event
154. From Mind Control to Viruses: How the Government Keeps Experimenting on Its Citizens
155. Vaccinated people now being tested at 28 PCR cycles, which almost guarantees a “negative” covid result
156. Big Abortion wants baby murder clinics on every street corner
157. UK now pushing pregnant women to take covid vaccines despite miscarriage, infertility risks
158. SCIENCE promotes VIOLENCE: Journal “Nature” calls for violent arrest of anyone who won’t accept injections containing mercury, human abortion cells, and cell-altering mRNA sequences
159. Críticas al informe negacionista del coronavirus del decano del Colegio de Biólogos de País Vasco
160. Dimite la Junta de los Biólogos vascos por el negacionismo de su presidente
161. El negacionismo del decano del Colegio de Biólogos de Euskadi: “A más confinamiento, más tasa de mortalidad”
162. EL GRAN RESETEO (video censurado en redes imprescindible)
163. From mind control to viruses: How the government keeps experimenting on its citizens
164. Chelsea Clinton calls for coordinated global war against vaccine skeptics
165. Dr. Carrie Madej reveals to Health Ranger that Covid vaccines contain “exotic nanotech” for tracking and bio-control
166. An army of Big Biotech companies is using psych tactics to ‘create vaccine demand’
167. Unhinged leftist Bette Middler threatens to kill unvaccinated kids
168. Globalist Klaus Schwab called for implantable “global health pass” microchip back in 2016
169. There’s nothing natural about SARS-CoV-2, and the circumstances surrounding the covid scandal wreak of criminal intent
170. Most of the world’s laboratories developing self-replicating “weaponized” vaccines are located in the United States
171. The post-vaccine mutant covid strain is HERE, and it’s resistant to all current vaccines

172. Gradualism and the Road to Totalitarianism
173. Biotech companies trying to deceive Americans into COVID acceptance with tactics to “create vaccine demand”
174. Vaccine propagandists infiltrated vaccine skeptics group, found that the skeptics are MORE scientific and rigorous in their thinking compared to obedient, dumbed-down mask wearers
175. EXCLUSIVE: Goebbels-style “ministry of propaganda” tactics on display as ad agency promotes deadly Covid vaccines with manipulative, cunning slogans for buttons and t-shirts
176. A colossal coverup of countless COVID vaccine “coincidences”
177. McDonald’s now functioning as vaccine propaganda arm of CDC, meaning the government has recruited a junk food giant to push “public health” propaganda
178. NATURE journal publishes article by Peter Hotez calling for medical police state tyranny against vaccine skeptics
179. 10 things we have learned during the COVID coup
180. Let’s demand a recount… of COVID deaths
181. Go out and ABUSE people who aren’t wearing a Covid mask – that’s the message from China Joe’s “science” regime
182. Medical fascism spreads in Canada where doctors who oppose masks and lockdowns are being targeted
183. SEGREGATION alive and well in New York as Yankees and Mets baseball stadiums have separate seating for the deniers of the deadly Covid-19 mRNA vaccinations
184. Now 20 US states liquefy vaccine-murdered people and spread their flesh goo on food crops as “fertilizer”
185. Desperate vaccine propagandists now setting up DECOY “honey pot” anti-vax groups to wage psychological warfare on vaccine skeptics
186. 5 Doctors speak out about coronavirus vaccines attacking women’s reproductive health as a form of population control
187. U.K. to deploy door-to-door covid vaccine “hit squads”
188. La UE salva los escollos y pone en marcha el pasaporte de vacunación para poder viajar este verano
189. New update to UK NHS tracking app turns it into a VACCINE PASSPORT
190. Tucker Carlson: Know potential risks of coronavirus vaccines before getting vaccinated
191. Explosion of 3,500 new covid “variants” follows mass vaccination campaign in India
192. The VACCINE DEEP STATE is spreading spike protein particles in acts of terrorism to perpetuate the plandemic

La economía después del covid-19
1. La economía después del covid-19
2. Montero monta un curso en la Universidad Pública para difundir su propaganda sobre «feminismo post-covid”
3. Miles de negacionistas del coronavirus protestan sin mascarilla en Madrid contra las medidas anti-Covid
4. El papel de los mercados de abastos después de la pandemia
5. Iglesias gasta 80.000 € en una campaña para adoctrinar a los niños en el plan post-Covid del Gobierno

La pandemia en tiempos de pandemia
La pandemia en tiempos de pandemia (2)